Faith Lutheran Online

Welcome to Faith Lutheran Online (FLO)! We are committed to providing a top tier educational experience from Faith Lutheran combined with the incredible flexibility offered through online learning. With numerous courses to choose from in a wide variety of disciplines and many more to come - including core classes that are NCAA approved as well as Advanced Placement and Honors courses - FLO makes obtaining a high school diploma from Faith Lutheran High School more convenient than ever before.

Students may enroll in a single course, a combination of online and on-campus classes, or as a full-time online student. All FLO courses mirror the academic rigor expected of Faith Lutheran traditional classroom learning but with a convenient and flexible format. We offer a 15-week Fall and Spring term, as well as an 8-week condensed format Summer term. All courses are asynchronous with deadlines throughout the week.

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    Faith Lutheran Online Director


Application/Administration fee $50
Tuition for Single Online Courses $450/course/semester  for 24-25
Tuition for Hybrid/Fully Online can be found here.  

*The Application / Administrative fee is charged annually. Students enrolling in a fully on-line diploma program will have their fee waived after their first year in the program.

Online class tuition is a different rate than in-person classes. For more information on in-person tuition rates, contact our Admissions Office at 702-804-4400.


From the dropdown, choose "FAITH LUTHERAN ONLINE" to view all available online classes.

FLO Admissions Process

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    Create an account with Crusader Connect by clicking here.   After submitting your application (MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE "Online Student: Application for 2023-24" if you are applying for full time status; choose "Single Online Course Application" if you are applying for a single class), please log back into this account -- an Admissions Checklist will be available within 48 hours listing the remaining requirements of the application process.  Please check your Parent portal often.  Please note that this application is for the 2023-2024 school year only.  

    2024-2025 School Year Applications open on September 18, 2023.

    Gather your birth certificate and a copy of most recent progress report and/or transcript.

    An admissions decision will be posted on your Crusader Connect account Decision tab.

    Once you are admitted to FLO, you will sign a contract and pay for your course.

Online FAQs

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  • What is the tuition cost for Faith Lutheran Online?

    Online courses come at a lower price-point than their in-person counterparts. Tuition costs will be dependent upon how many classes are online versus in person. Overall, a fully online diploma costs substantially less than that of an in-person degree, and our admissions department will work with individual students to find a solution that works best for the schedule, needs, and budget.
  • Can I participate in sports, fine arts or clubs if I’m an online student?

    Yes! Local full-time students are welcome to join on-campus activities. Participants are subject to all of the same participation requirements and costs whether in-person, online or hybrid.
  • Do I have to log in at a certain time of the day?

    Students do not have to log in at a certain time and can work throughout the day as they have free time or a free period. Students are required to turn in their homework by midnight on the due date in order to be counted as on time. Students are welcome to work ahead, but expected to be present in the class by participating every week.
  • Is live support offered?

    Classes are accessed through Grand Canyon University’s High School Partner platform and each class has a teacher who facilitates the classroom, makes weekly announcements, grades student work, and provides feedback. Each teacher sets office hours Monday-Friday in which they are available for the students to call, Zoom, or email live. Tech Support is also available through  GCU’s High School Partner Support office.