The Academies experience is designed for students to investigate and engage with real life industries and careers. Program highlights include career specific internships, resume and portfolio guidance, and mentorship and research opportunities. Students will participate in local and international competitions and can take specialized courses such as Molecular Genetics, Architecture, Trial Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, Cinematic Arts, Theology & Vocation, Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Flight. Once program requirements are met, students receive an endorsement on their transcript and diploma, as well as a medallion for graduation. Students are invited to apply during the 2nd semester of their 9th or 10th grade year. Click on the logos below for information about each unique Academy.

Academy FAQs

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  • What are Faith Lutheran’s endorsement programs and what do they offer?

  • Are there multiple chances to apply to an endorsement program?

    • Yes, invitations are sent out to current 9th and 10th grade students that meet program entrance requirements. The invitation explains the application process and this occurs in January of each year. If a current 9th or 10th grade student believes they meet the requirements but does not receive an invitation, email Emily Blank, Director of Academies to receive the application information.
    • Conservatory auditions take place in January of the year BEFORE a student attends; ie, 8th graders audition in January BEFORE their 9th grade year, etc. Email Emily Slater, Dean of Fine Arts - to sign up to audition.
  • Can I change academies?

    • Yes, any changes need to be made before 11th grade. At the beginning of 11th grade, students will begin the process of obtaining an internship to meet their Academy requirement.
  • Can I apply to more than one endorsement program?

    • Yes, it is possible to complete two endorsement programs. It is extremely difficult to complete more than two. Some combinations are more difficult. For example, the Conservatory, Film & Broadcasting Academy, and STEM Academies require a number of courses that can be difficult to fit together. The Justice & Advocacy, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality & Tourism Academies require more extracurricular time.
  • Can I drop a program?

    • Yes, you can drop a program at any time.
  • Would a meeting with a counselor be helpful?

    Your counselor is available to meet with you to discuss:
    • If you are interested in an academy but not currently enrolled in courses you need for next year.
    • Balancing course loads and academy activities with current extracurricular activities.
    • College/career goals and whether an academy would fit with those goals.
    • Deciding between or choosing more than one endorsement program.
  • Do I need to take a specific class to get in?

    • Sometimes; please see entrance requirements for each endorsement program on their websites.

The Honors Institute

Faith Lutheran’s Honors Institute develops higher-level thinking, problem solving and mental strength and stamina, preparing students for leadership in the classroom and the world. Curriculum and training are specifically designed  to equip participants for highly selective programs and universities. What would your future look like with an advantage?


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  • 3.85+ unweighted cumulative GPA after the first semester of the 9th and 10th grade years with at least two honors or AP courses

  • 3.75 or greater unweighted GPA throughout high school and graduate with Honors

  • At least 8 honors or AP classes over 4 years

  • Continuous involvement in at least one extra curricular or co-curricular activity all four years

  • Community Crusade service hours dedicated to single cause or theme for four years

  • PSAT preparation class during junior year

  • SAT preparation during junior or senior year is required

  • Additional college coaching specific to highly selective universities during junior and senior years, given by an outside company

  • Leadership seminars offered with guest speakers

  • Capstone event required

  • One time $350 fee due when admitted