Show Your School Pride

Welcome to the Shield! Stop in to pick up your Faith Lutheran spirit gear, uniforms, bags, accessories and more. We are always getting in new items and featuring different sales, so check back regularly and show off your Crusader pride!

Store Information

Normal Hours: Mon – Fri 7:30am-4:00pm
At this time, no appointment is necessary. Per CDC Covid-19 guidelines, occupancy is restricted to 50% capacity, a maximum occupancy of 9, including staff, which allows only 5 shoppers. We ask that only one parent and their student(s) shop.
  • Upon entry, all customers, students and staff are required to wear a face mask the entire time in the Shield, and sanitize their hands. Should you not have a mask, disposable masks are available at a cost is $1.00
  • No dressing rooms are available, so we ask that you know your students’ sizes prior to your visit.
  • Note: you may purchase your uniform pants and shorts in black and khaki at your choice of store, but please make sure to follow uniform guidelines noted in the Student and Parent Handbook.
  • Exchanges are allowed with original receipt, tags still attached and within seven days of purchase. We do not accept returns; therefore, any credit will go onto store account for future use.

Parent/Student Drop Off area:
Parents must drop off items for their student in the back of the school near The Shield Store/Security Booth. You will see a large banner on brick building across from the softball field/student parking lot. 
Please ring bell for assistance. If no one responds, please call 702.350.5010
*Receiving Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-3:30pm
*Face coverings required at all times
*Leave items for student on metal rack (students name must be attached on item).
*Parent must inform student either by text or email. If student does not have either device, please email their teacher. Please inform student the location to pick up is in the back right corner of the cafeteria/student center behind blue drapes.
*No food/lunches or store bought drinks will be allowed. 
(personalized hydro flasks and sports bottles are allowed).
*Faith Lutheran is not responsible for any items left for students

Thank you, The Shield Staff
Updated 1/21/2020

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