Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities

There are countless ways to get involved at Faith Lutheran, no matter what your interests might be. Please contact the advisor of specific groups directly for more information, dates and fees.

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  • Aerospace and Rocketry Club

    Aerospace and Rocketry Club is currently inactive - please contact Mrs. Buuck if you are interested in leading this group.
    The Aerospace and Rocketry Club hosts a great opportunity for students interested in science, technology, and math, specifically focusing on the fields of Aerospace and Rocketry.  As a team, students will use their collective knowledge of chemistry and physics to design and construct rockets and planes of varying magnitudes.  This club is a fun way to increase students’ knowledge and expertise in aeronautics and engineering.  This organization will host events and possibly competitions to test rockets, planes, and other mechanisms designed by students.  
    Members of this club are expected to participate in creating or helping to create rockets of multiple designs.  Members do not need any experience or background in this field, but are heavily encouraged to give their full effort regardless.  We recognize not all rockets are equally made, and we fully anticipate that some of the rockets may fail. Students should be encouraged to learn from their mistakes and overcome any obstacles they may face.  There may a small fee (potentially 10 dollars) involved with the Aerospace and Rocketry Club for supplies and/or competitions. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.  Each meeting will look different, based on our attendance, and our progress with every rocket.  In order to be considered a member, you must attend at least 50% of all meetings per month.  The Aerospace and Rocketry Club is for high school only. 
    Our club’s purpose is to encourage members to learn about rocketry and aerospace as well as apply what they learn.  The goal of our club is to create rockets that will launch and to gain experience in these unique fields of study.  We may have competitions throughout the year depending on attendance, success rate, and other factors.
    Where? Room 304
    When: Wednesday during Advisory and lunch (subject to change)
    Student Advisor: 
    Faculty Advisor:

  • American Sign Language Club

    This club offers opportunities to learn this beautiful language and its culture through interacting acquiring conversational skills, learning and performing songs in sign language and interacting with local Deaf community members.

    EXPECTATIONS: Members of this club are expected to dedicate time to attend the weekly meetings, practice what is learned, and be open to new cultural experiences.

    GOALS/PURPOSE: Our club’s purpose is to be able to converse with others using American Sign Language. The goal of our club is to invite all who want to learn ASL to join in on fun, interactive weekly lessons and meet members of our local Deaf community.

    Where?  Room 216
    When?  Alternating Tuesdays, 3 - 4pm. 
    Please check the calendar in Crusader Connect portal for meeting times.  

    Addisen Binderim Student Leader

    Jennifer Cunningham  Advisor
  • Anime Club

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   However, we are actively seeking student leadership and a faculty advisor.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life
    This club offers watching anime and conversing with others with the same interests in Grades 6th – 8th.
    Members of this club are expected to be respectful and kind to others. Value other people’s opinions. Have a basic interest in anime. Being present and in the moment. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose is to...Allow others to be confident and excited to share their love for anime with others in a judgment-free environment 
    The goal of our club is ...To make sure that members are not afraid to be expressive and open about their interests and do what they love in a school environment
    Where? Room 214/104
    When? Wednesday 3:30- 4:30
    Student Leaders:  
    Faculty Advisor: 
    For 6th-8th grade
  • Applied Christianity HS

    Applied Christianity classes lead the weekly chapel services for the student body. They lead through Bible readings, skits, dramatic readings, etc. During the second half of the school year, students have the opportunity to write and create their own chapel services. This class fosters spiritual growth, creativity, and responsibility. It's also a lot of fun!

    There are currently two HS Applied Christianity classes: one class for 9th/10th graders, and one for 11th/12th graders. Students are permitted to take Applied Christianity only twice in their high school careers, and students may not take the class two years in a row.

    Participation in Applied Christianity is by application only, and membership is not guaranteed. Students must regularly attend church services as part of the class requirement. Students must also receive excellent recommendations from their teachers and be prepared to submit a statement of faith. If accepted, Applied counts as a theology credit.

    Applications are made available in early spring. Students can sign up for Applied Christianity when they fill out their schedule. If they have signed up for Applied on their schedule, an application will be delivered to them. Students will be notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance within a few weeks of the application due date.

  • Applied Christianity MS

    As an academic class, MS Applied Christianity (which is for only 7th and 8th graders) provides students an opportunity to lead weekly worship at Faith Lutheran. Students enrolled in Applied Christianity receive their theology credit for this class.

    This dynamic and ever changing class allows students to perform in skits, create the order of worship, lead liturgy, and share their faith based on the weekly chapel theme. Students will be challenged to think about how faith related topics relate to their lives and the lives of their peers as they take an active role in living out the school's mission statement: Everyone Prepared, EVERYONE SAVED.

    However, this class is by application only. The application process generally begins in late February after students have selected their classes. All students selected for this class must be active members of a local Christian church as well as willing to openly give a statement of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior on their application.

    Archived chapels featuring both MS and HS Applied classes can be viewed here.

  • Athletics HS

  • Athletics Managers

    contact individual sports coaches / athletics webpage
  • Athletics MS

  • Band

  • Bible Study MS

    Middle School Bible Study offers opportunities to study God’s word and enjoy fellowship with fellow classmates! Bible study presentations will include authors such as Francis Chan, Tim Tebow, Matt Chandler and more!
    Show up when you can! A light snack will be provided, a video will be shown and some questions will be discussed. No expectations, no homework - simply a time to study The Word and reflect with your peers.
    The purpose of Middle School Bible Study is to offer an opportunity at school for students to further dive-into God’s word. The goal is to grow closer to Christ and make new friends!
    Where? Room 224 (girls), Room 218 (boys)
    When? Every Monday (girls), Thursday (boys) 3:30-4pm.
    Mrs. Burns – girls’ study
    Seeking an Advisor - boys’ study
  • Book Club


    Description:  This club offers opportunities for students who love to read to get together and talk about books and poetry.  Each month the group will choose a book and a poem/poet/decade of poetry to read for our next book club.  We are open to most genres.  
    Expectations:  Members are expected to be respectful and kind.  It's okay if you don't read the book-come for the discussion anyway.  Tasty treats are provided.
    Purpose: Our club's purpose is to have fun reading and discussing books with others who love to read and discuss literature!!
    Location and Time:  We meet every second Tuesday of the month in Room 222.  We start by 3:00.  
    Student Leader: Ava Hamernik
    Faculty/Volunteer advisor: Mrs. Karen Pullmann
  • Bowling Club

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   However, we are seeking student leadership and a faculty advisor.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life If you are interested in leadership.

    This club/activity offers opportunities to bowl for fun or to improve your skills. This is open to middle school and high school students.
    Members of this club/activity are responsible for drop off and pick up from Red Rock Bowling Alley. Student sign in and pay normal fee for 2 games and shoes at school’s check-in table. Students will represent Faith and its school policies for behavior. 
    Our club’s purpose is to provide an outlet for fellowship fun to students through bowling. The goal of our club is to provide fun and/or provide an opportunity for those who want to compete.
    Where? Red Rock Bowling Alley
    When? After school 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm on designated dates. Approximately 4 to 5 times a month.  

  • Builder's Club MS

    Builder’s Club is a student-led service organization for 6th through 8th grade students. The local Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas serves as the Builder’s Club sponsor. Members of this organization are students who are interested in service to the school and community.

    Builder’s Club offers opportunities for students to develop student leadership skills and provide service to others, both within our school and our community. Students can participate in club led activities as well as service in organizations of their own choosing. Builder’s Club members work with each other to find opportunities for service and help each other reach service goals.

    Members of this club/activity are expected to do the following:
    1. Complete a Permission to Participate form.
    2. Pay membership dues of $30.00 a year. 
    3. Complete service hours by volunteering to help within your school and community throughout the school year.
    4. Submit signed Verification of Service forms.
    5. Attend a minimum of two meetings a month.
    6. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.

    Our club’s purpose is to develop student leadership abilities and opportunities for middle school students while serving others.

    The goal of our club is . . .
    • To provide opportunities for working together in service to school and community  
    • To develop leadership potential 
    • To foster development of a strong moral character 
    • To encourage loyalty to school, community, and nation.
    • Students earning 35 hours of service within the school year are awarded a Kiwanis Club/Builder’s Club service pin. 

    Thursday mornings at 7:25am 
    Room 326

    Mrs. Angie Rua
  • Card Club

    Card Club - Middle School

    Do you want to come and hang out and play card games? We will play everything from Poker to Uno to Go Fish to Rummy and any other game we can think of. No need to know the rules, we will learn together! All 6th-8th graders welcome! We will meet Wednesdays from 3:20-4:00 in the counseling waiting room.

    Student Leader:  Ty Sexton
    Faculty Advisor:  Mrs. Burns
  • Cheer 6th

  • Cheer HS

    Please contact Mrs. Taylor Tonniges for information.
  • Cheer MS

    Middle School Cheer Coaches 2021 -2022:

  • Chess Club

    This club is currently re-organizing (Jan 2022) .  If you are interested in membership, please contact:

    Student Leader:  Joshua Rhee
    Faculty Advisor:  Mr. Shawn Paquette

    Chess Club will meet to talk about varying tactics, openings, historic matches, and strategies of chess to culminate a love and interest for the game. We will hold tournaments at Faith Lutheran and aim to bring some of our top players to the North American Open Tournament for Chess (December).
    Members of this club/activity are expected to show up to chess club at least once a week and act respectfully to each other in order to make the most out of how much time we will have meeting together in the club.  In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance will be taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose and goal is to create an environment for students interested or curious about chess to explore the game and progress their knowledge of it. Chess club will not be a high maintenance club and will have flexible membership, allowing anybody interested to stop by and try it out.
    FACULTY ADVISOR: Mr. Paquette
  • Choral

    Choral Program at Faith Lutheran offers several choirs designed for beginners to the advanced student in their continuing study of music using the voice as the primary instrument through a sequenced study of voice, music theory, and the application of music reading skills. A variety of sacred and secular music will be performed during our four major concert/performances, adjudications.

    Choral Objectives:
    • Students will develop vocal skills, music knowledge, and attitudes through a variety of sacred and secular music.
    • Students will understand and explain the vocal mechanism.
    • Students will develop and use correct singing posture and breathing skills.
    • Students will demonstrate good vocal tone.
    • Students will develop proper diction.
    • The student will perform vocal music as a member of the choir and also have opportunities to perform solos and in small ensembles.
    • Students will gain knowledge and understanding of historical and cultural content in music and other arts.
    • Through singing, the student will grow in their love for God, one another, and the art of music.

    6th grade Choir - 6th grade elective option. 6th grade Choir is a music course designed to offer the student an opportunity to study music using the voice as the primary instrument. Students will also experience music performance using handchimes and other percussion instruments.

    MS Treble Choir - MS elective option. Treble Chorus is a performance class open to all seventh and eighth grade girls and boys who enjoy singing. This full-year music course emphasizes performance, voice building, and music reading in the context of an ensemble. It also includes basic music theory, note reading, rhythm and counting skills, and knowledge of musical terms and symbols. Students are given the opportunity to compete in Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival, perform at school concerts, and participate in a music festival in California at the end of the year.

    HS Women's Choir - HS year long elective. Choir is a music course designed to offer students an opportunity to study music using the voice as the primary instrument. Students will study vocal production and music fundamentals. Four major concert performances are given during the year.

    Vocal Ensemble - HS year long elective. Vocal Ensemble is an auditioned music course designed to challenge the the advanced student in their continuing study of music using the voice as the primary instrument through a sequenced study of voice, music theory, and the application of music reading skills. A variety of sacred and secular music will be performed during our four major concert performances, adjudications, and a spring tour. Students are required to study voice in private lessons outside of the classroom and are encouraged to participate in the Clark County Solo/Ensemble Festival.

    Women's Ensemble - Faith Lutheran Women's Ensemble was begun in 2000 to offer a more challenging music program for gifted musicians. This auditioned group meets before school for rehearsals/class. We serve as ambassadors for the school with frequent performances at school, church, and community events.

    Lindsay Ermeling
  • Computer Club HS

    This club is currently inactive 2021-22. 
    Interested students, please contact
    Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life

  • Craft Club (6th Grade)

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   However, we are seeking student leadership and a faculty advisor.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life If you are interested in leadership.


    This club offers opportunities for 6th grade students to gather together to learn about different types of arts and crafts and simple food items.  Students will meet periodically throughout the year (3 times for 2018-2019) and make crafts for themselves and/or for gifts.  This will be a social time with snacks provided.  

    Members of this club/activity are expected to do the following:
    1. Sign up using Crusader Connect by the deadline.  The registration includes a $5 fee.  
    2. Follow safety directions for completing the tasks for the craft projects. 
    3. Be kind and supportive to fellow participants. 
    4. Be respectful to everyone involved. 
    5. Let the teacher know if your plans change. 
    7. Have a good time! 
    8. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings. 

    Our club's purpose is to learn about different arts and crafts and simple cooking techniques; have fun; and socialize with other 6th graders. 
    The goal of our club is to find a new hobby or love of crafting and find new friends. 

    Location & Time of Meetings
    Where?  Room 318 or the Living Skills Room 402 depending on activity. 
    When?  The days will vary.  Currently planned for December 18th, a February date, and an April date.  3:25-5:15 pm. 

    Faculty/ Volunteer Advisor
    Student Leader: 
    Faculty Advisor:
  • Creative Writing Club HS

    This club/activity offers opportunities for students to express their creative writing skills in front of a classroom setting. They will learn about public speaking in a club environment while growing in writing techniques. Each week we will be writing new stories based on a group prompt, and the responses will then be reviewed and voted on. Each week we will take the people who are done and have them read the story to the rest of the club

    Members of this club are expected to be kind and understanding. Constructive criticism contributed by all members of the group is also expected in order to help all members improve their writing skills. Be kind, helpful, and respectful of others' works. 
    Meetings will center on the sharing of original work, providing constructive criticism, and then voting on whose work is considered the best contribution for that week. Each session is meant to allow members to engage in friendly competition. The winner will get something special from the Student Leader.
    Tasty treats will be provided as COVID protocol restrictions and resources allow. 
    Attendance is not mandatory, but repeated failure to attend sessions will prompt the Student Leader to approach chronic absentees and check with them to see whether they wish to continue their membership.

    Our club’s purpose is to provide a venue where members can develop their writing skills, express themselves creatively, and meet with others who share their passion for creative writing. Finding enjoyment from both writing and listening will always be one of the club’s principle aspirations.
    The goal of our club is to create a space where students with a passion for writing can come together and share their works in safe space.

    Room 62
    Wednesday - 2:45 - 4:00 (Outside of  School dates will change)

    Kaidence Trudell  Student Leader
    Mr.Marsden   Faculty Advisor

  • Crusader Chronicle HS

  • Crusader Crazies HS

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   We are seeking student leadership.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life If you are interested in leadership.

    The Crusader craZies include every high school student at Faith Lutheran! The purpose of the craZies is to promote school spirit and camaraderie among the high school student body while supporting peers in their sports or other activities.

    An advisory board of students meets each Monday during lunch to plan. Planning includes: advertising of events; theme nights for games; competitions held during half-time of games; notification of special events; distribution of prizes to fans and participants; leadership of special fan cheers; coordination with pep band, cheer team and dance team captains. Students with varying gifts (creativity, marketing, writing, publishing, etc.) are needed and welcome to be a part of the Crusader craZies Advisory Board!

    Additionally, each year, it is our intent to knight a student who displays the utmost spirit, one who spurs others on to attend games, helps others to have fun while supporting their classmates, and generally tends to be the one keeping the crowd pumped up!

    If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact Mrs. Buuck (Office of Student Life in Aux Gym).

    Student Leaders 2021-2022:

    Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Buuck
  • CrusaderStudentsCare!

    Crusaders really do care!
    “Philippians 2: Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus . . .”
    Members of this club/activity may be called upon to create, send or acquire cards, flowers/balloons, etc. and make deliveries / visits to classmates.  Members are expected to check in with Advisor on their designated day to keep updated on recent circumstances and needs.  Sensitivity and confidentiality are expected in all circumstances!  
    Our club’s purpose is to share compassion and care with our classmates through supportive messages, gifts, etc.  The goal of our club is to help each other feel uplifted, supported, loved and cared for as a part of the Faith Family.
    Where? Student Life office in the Aux gym
    When? As necessary     
    FACULTY / VOLUNTEER / STUDENT advisor/leaders:
    Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Buuck

    Student Leaders 2022-2023:
    Sophia Go (2025)
    Kate Merrin (2023)
    Megan Riffel (2023)

  • Cupcake Club MS

    This club offers opportunities for students to foster creativitiy and develop baking skills through cupcakes.  Students will have the chance to compete in each month's cupcake decorationg challenge.  Students will bring homemade cupcakes, frosting, and decorating supplies to competition meeting days.  Special guests will teach a new technique during planning meetings and judges will attend the competitions. 

    Members of this club are expected to attend both planning and competition meetings.  members will come to the meetings prepared and will follow the directions of the advisor while conducting themselves in a Christ like manner.  In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attnedance is taken at all meetings.  

    Our club's purpose is to provide an outlet for sstudents' creativity through cupcake decorating.  The goal of our club is to provide friendly competition in cupcake decorating challenges while members learn decorating and baking techniques. 

    Location & TIme of Meetings:
    We meet once per month in the cafeteria teachers' lounge from 3:15 pm to 5 pm for each competition. To receive upcoming competition dates via email, contact Mrs. Stepanek, and she will add you to the Cupcake Club contact list. 

    Faculty/ Volunteer Advisor:
    Sophia Orr and Alison Stepanek, student leaders 
    Amanda Stepanek, faculty advisor 
  • Cyber Patriot HS

    Academic Class 

    For a glimpse:

    Faculty Advisor:
  • Cyber Patriot MS

    As part of the Junior Cyber Defense Squad, you'll work with your team in learning to manage networks. The competition puts teams of students in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services in a six hour period.

    Faculty Advisor:
  • Dance HS

     For information, please contact:

    Chris Harper

  • Dance MS

    For information, please contact:

    Chris Harper
  • Debate Club

    This club/activity offers opportunities for high schoolers to improve their public speaking skills while having interesting, thought provoking, and highly structured discussions with their peers in a debate team format. The club will prepare students interested in competing on a school debate team.

    Members of this club/activity are expected to attend weekly meetings and participate at least once in the scheduled debates for that given month. Members are expected to respect one another and their opinions. 

    Meetings will happen weekly and will consist of an introduction to debate club (what it entails, future goals, etc) before diving into practice researching and preparing a topic to debate for the next meeting. One meeting will be for researching the topic and position and the other will be for the debate. 

    Club leaders and the advisor will head the meetings. The advisor will help facilitate the debates and give feedback on what can be improved for next time. 
    Our club’s purpose is to help students become more confident in themselves and their public speaking skills as well as educate students on current events and prepare them for their future careers. 

    The goal of our club is to provide Faith Lutheran students with the opportunity to competitively compete in regional, state, and national debate competitions. We hope to engage the student in a variety of pressing topics, and grow their skills in public speaking. We hope the students learn the importance of a team mentality along with the essentials of working together as a larger group to succeed on a competitive level. 
    This club is currently inactive 2021-2022

    Student Leader:
    currently seeking student leadership
    Faculty Advisor

    Faith Lutheran's DECA chapter gives students the opportunity to compete in business competitions with other High School students around the globe.
    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

    If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Mr. Connolly, DECA Advisor, at

    If you want more information on DECA, please visit
  • Drama / Musical HS

    For more information, please contact:

    Erik Ball
  • Drama / Musical MS

    Welcome Middle School Crusader Thespians!

    Faith Lutheran Middle School offers (2) TWO extra-curricular opportunities to participate in theatrical arts to students. These productions are produced after school, outside of class.

    While from year-to-year, the structure of the extra-curricular theatre season may change to suit the demands of the program, traditionally, middle school students may audition for a fall play and a spring musical. (And occasionally, based on demand, there are choice technical crew positions afforded to middle school students, at the discretion of the director.)

    For more information, please contact:
  • Drone Racing Club

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   However, we are seeking student leadership and a faculty advisor.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life If you are interested in leadership.
  • E-Sports Club

    This group is currently forming.  Contact Mr. Herbie Walker If you are interested in participation or student leadership of this club.
     E-Sports club offers opportunities for students to come together and practice their favorite video game to compete. We are planning on running it like an actual sports team where we practice as a team and set up strategies in order to have the best success possible. We want Faith bringing home the gold in every activity, so we want to be ahead of everyone else in the race for virtual success. Meadows is one school that has already beaten us to who makes teams fist, but we will be victorious against them in games.

    Members of this club/activity are expected to come to practices on Monday and Friday as well as log hours at home. We expect all members of the team to treat each other with respect and will represent Faith Lutheran at event honorably. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance will be taken at all meetings.

                Our club’s purpose is to create a fun and organized environment for our school and other participating schools to compete in E-Sports (competitive video games). We want Faith Lutheran to be ahead of the other schools when it comes to competing in video games.
    The goal of our club is to provide our students with a chance to learn teamwork and how to work in a strategic environment alongside teammates. Though we will assign coaches to each team, we want the players to share their own ideas and strategies.

    Where? Library
    When (day and time)?   Mondays after school from 3-5
    FACULTY ADVISOR:  Mr. Herbie Walker
  • Echo Family Leadership

    ECHO Family Leaders
    This group offers the opportunity to lead small group Bible studies and other fun activities. ECHO Families are a place to grow in relationships with each other, and learn about Jesus in a small group setting. Participation as a leader of ECHO Families is application only, and membership is not guaranteed.
    Members of this group are expected attend a weekly meeting during advisory on Mondays in the Arena. They  are also charged with leading the weekly activity for their assigned ECHO Family. This group of leaders must strive to live in a way that is pleasing to God.  We typically meet in the Arena during the first advisory of the week. Once Echo Families have been established in the new academic year, leaders will learn of their meeting place with meetings taking place during the 2nd advisory of the week.
    Faculty Advisor:  Mr. Dan Cattau
    Daniel Cattau
  • Environment & Conservation Club HS

    This group is currently re-establishing the function and purpose of the group during  2021-22.   We are seeking student leadership.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life If you are interested in joining or leading.

    This club offers multiple opportunities to better the environment and allows students to be a part of something bigger. Our club exists to encourage environmentally friendly habits! In an effort to encourage the school and community to be environmentally friendly, members can tend to an on-site butterfly garden, or travel around the valley to help the National Parks and recreational areas near Las Vegas maintain beauty and conserve resources.
    In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.  An officer will be appointed to track attendance. Meetings will discuss the status of the garden, assign any tasks or responsibilities, such as weeding or seed collecting, to a member or group of members, and will discuss upcoming service opportunities including our Earth Day Activities. 

    Members can run for the office positions of president (calls meetings), secretary (tracks attendance), researcher (finds and notifies other member of service opportunities), and more if needed. Members of this club are expected to complete ten hours of service each academic school year through events that directly help the National Parks and recreational areas. If this standard is not met, these members will not be able to run for office.
    Our club’s purpose is to volunteer specifically with environmental organizations to get more Faith Lutheran students involved in keeping the environment organic and clean all while receiving service hours.

    The goal of our club is to help rebound the monarch butterfly population and to plant the seed of interest in students’ minds about their community
    Meetings are held 
    Student Leader: 
    Faculty Advisor: 
  • Faith's Microbank HS

    A MicroBank’s primary goal is to help developing businesses in third-world countries by extending them small business loans at zero interest through the Kiva micro-finance institution.
    Additionally, a secondary goal for students on the panel of Faith's MicroBank is to learn more about finance and banking by participating in loaning funds to help others become successful businessmen and businesswomen in their environment.

    Meetings held every Wednesday at 6pm in Room 225.

    For more information, please contact Mr. Connolly at
  • FIDM Fashion HS


    This club offers opportunities for students who are interested in any of the different avenues of fashion such as merchandising, marketing, drawing, designing, and more. In this club we will work with all of the different student interest to learn and practice different activities each week. These activities can vary from creating a fashion mood board, comparing and contrasting fashion magazine covers over the years, and even learning how to sew on patches onto clothing items. Every week we will have a new “mini” project to do, or a discussion topic to talk about. Along with that, every meeting will start with a very brief informational “lesson” informing members about the different opportunities available to them in fashion whether it is scholarships, workshops, zoom meetings, or college tours.
    Members of this club are expected to participate in all discussions, presentations, lessons, and projects. Members are also expected to come to the majority of meetings. As representatives of Faith Lutheran culture, members are to act in a respectful and kind way both inside and outside of school. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose is to help inspire and teach members about all the different avenues in fashion, and various things they can do with their interest in fashion. Moreover, we will explore such as big fashion brands, how to market a line of fashion, how to draw a sketch of a clothing item, and more. 
    The goal of our club is to generate student leadership, and have students lead certain parts of our meeting. For example, if a member has a strong drawing capability, we would ask them to lead something like a dress drawing workshop. 


    Student Leader:  Melody Lin
    Faculty Advisor:  Mrs. Beth Buchholz

  • Film Club

    Every seemingly meaningless detail in every frame of a film is there for a purpose. From the emotion and lines of a character to the placement of a cup of coffee on a table. In film club, we will look at these details, big and small, in movies and cinema, and learn the art of cinematography. We will explore how filmmakers use lighting, setting, colors, clothing, types of cameras and filters, and special effects to set a mood or tell a story.
    We will meet after school, and the meetings will be the length of the film we watch, otherwise they would be about an hour long. Members can request their favorite movie to be analyzed. We will be open to any suggestion a student has, and their input is encouraged.


    1. Learn about filmmaking techniques and equipment
    2. Learn how certain aspects of a scene can portray a mood or tell a story
    3. Watch videos about film theory 
    4. Analyze details
    5. Appreciate the art of filmmaking!

    Meeting Layout

    The club meetings will be every Thursday after school at 3:15. We will provide popcorn for everyone to munch on during the movies. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks to share with the group. For each movie we go through, we will spend two meetings, spending two weeks per each movie. The first week, we will watch the movie all the way through, and discuss our initial thoughts on themes and details that stood out to each person. The second week, we will go more in depth on the specific methods used, and analyze what the filmmakers were trying to convey through the film.
    Members do not have to attend weekly meetings, they can come simply to watch and eat snacks, but the second week is for those who want to go more into the meaning and discuss our thoughts. 


    Faculty Advisor:  Mr. Carosone
    Student Advisor: Elizabeth Arent - Senior
    Student Advisor: Anastasia Hallock - Senior

  • Fishing with Faith

    Please contact Office of Student Life if interested in reactivating this club.
    "If your hooked on fishing this club is for you!"
    Matthew 4:19- "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."  Fellow fishing "fanatics" are welcome to join.
    This club/activity offers opportunities to travel to nearby lakes and get out of the city area and fish with friends and teachers. Also, provides a fun atmosphere to fellow classmates, and to take a break from stress and complications from the outside world.

    Members in this club are expected to have their own fishing equipment. Members should be willing to learn and listen to understand fishing as our club progresses. Members must have their own fishing gear to get started. 

    Our club’s purpose is to connect students and teachers and to start new relationships through God's great gift of fishing. The goal of our club is to progress into a High School bass fishing team and compete in tournaments in the southwestern regions.

  • Flight Club

    This club offers students hands-on experience in the aviation industry through the use of the Redbird simulators. This club will help students connect with other students with similar interests in aviation and broaden their horizon for their future. This club will include field trips and have on-campus club meetings which will include outside speakers.  The club will also actively participate in service to others through aviation specific service and activities.   

    EXPECTATIONS: Members of this club are expected to maintain continuous involvement in the Faith Lutheran Flight Club by actively participating in activities and meetings  offered by the club. Club leaders will create either a teamsnap or google classroom to communicate with members. 

    The goal of the Flight Club is to extend students’ learning about aviation outside of the classroom, to provide connections to aviation professionals, spark a lifelong interest in aviation, and to serve together in aviation related nonprofits. 

    This club is required for all students who are seeking the Flight Academy endorsement on their transcripts.

    Wednesdays 2:50pm - 4:00pm, in the library
    Student Leader- Carolyn Whipple
    Student Leader- Connor Schmidt
    Faculty Leader- Mrs. Bianca Lorenz
  • FLNN (News Network)

  • French Club

    The French Club offers opportunities to explore the French language and culture (especially food) as well as to meet others that have an interest in and/or can speak French.
    Members of the French Club are expected to attend our meetings regularly and help create quarterly activities for Faith Lutheran that foster the French language and culture. 
    The French Club’s purpose is to include every student at Faith Lutheran that is interested in French in any area, including but not limited to: speaking, culture, cooking, reading, cinema and realia.
    The goal of the French Club is to design a quarterly French activity for Faith Lutheran for everyone to enjoy.
    Location and time of meetings: Room 214, selected Mondays from 2:45-3:30 p.m.
    Student leaders: Alex Alarcon, Steven Wu, Brianna Ryan, Reillie Smith and Lily Taylor
    Faculty Volunteer: Hilary Greene
  • Girls of Grace (MS)

    This is a Bible study for girls in 6th-8th grade.  It will be ongoing and topics will change over the year. 

    We will meet Mondays after school.  Members should be prepared to make new friends and spend time in God's word. 

    Goals/ Purpose:
    Our club's purpose is to bring students closer to God.  The goal of our club is to offer girls a place to learn and grow in faith.  

    Location & Time of Meetings:
    Where? Room 224
    When? Mondays 3:20-4:00pm

    Faculty/ Volunteer Advisor:
    Student Leader: Rylan Dettling, Kaelyn Cheney 
    Faculty Advisor: Courtney Burns
  • Green Thumb Club

    The Green Thumb Club is a middle school and high school club that meets weekly after school.  
    Plant:  Members plant and propagate their own plants to take home while maintaining the basic function and appearance of the greenhouse.   
    Produce: Members harvest and process lettuce donations for Catholic Charities.
    Prosper: Members set up and run the big sales throughout the year, including the Back to School Night Sale, Grandparents Day Sale and the Spring Sale during the Mark 10:14 BBQ.  Before and after school each day, they take turns delivering and returning produce and plants to and from the front office for display and sale. 100% of all sales from the greenhouse support the Mark 10:14 program. 
    In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.  Members of this club/activity are expected to attend meetings and participate in morning/after school plant deliveries to the front office.  Morning/after school deliveries are on a rotation schedule amongst all members.  Members are also expected to attend the annual plant sales, Back to School Night Sale, Grandparents Day Sale and the Spring Sale during the Mark 10:14 BBQ.  Prior experience is not required for any members, but members should be interested in botany, greenhouse production, growing produce for the community, or learning valuable skills in serving others.  
    Our club’s purpose is to provide a place where students can develop, build, grow, problem solve and share projects with each other and the community.
    The goal of our club is to develop responsible young adults who see the value in the daily routine and procedure required to quietly serve their community in very practical ways.
    When: Wednesday after school (3:00pm-4:00pm), Annual Sales (Dates TBD)
    Student Leader: Colin Thompson
    Faculty Advisors: Stephen Blank, Jon Orr
  • Handbells

    This music activity offers opportunities for students in grades 6-8 to participate in a musical ensemble in which they will gain team-building skills and music skills.
    Members of this ensemble are expected to arrive on time each week, help in setting up bells, and having a positive attitude in rehearsals. Attendance is taken at all meetings.   
    The purpose of Middle School Handbells is to create an opportunity where students can learn music and teamwork in a social environment.
    The goal of Middle School Handbells is to grow in appreciation and skills in a variety of styles of music and to share our music with others through performances in concerts and community events.
    Where? Room 201
    When Gold days from 7:00-7:40 AM 

    FACULTY ADVISOR:  Dr. Marci Nuoffer
  • International Student Association

    The International Student Association works to provide social and cultural outings, experiences, and activities for both our international student population, as well as domestic (American) students who are interested in learning about other cultures. 

    Activities might include sampling foods from another country, attending a movie night for a new film that was released, hiking at Red Rock Canyon, celebrating the Lunar New Year with a group potluck supper, or learning how to make your own boba milk tea. 

    Events are facilitated by Mr. Klenz, our International Student Director, and our International Representative(s) on the High School Student Council. 

    Events are open to all High School students, and any international Middle School student.  All students enrolled at Faith Lutheran through the International program are automatically enrolled in this club. 

    Questions or event ideas? 
    Contact Mr. Klenz at , Faculty Advisor 
    TingChen Lin at or Rao Fu at , Student Advisors
  • International Thespian Society HS

    International Thespian Society: Troupe #6756

    This High School Honor Society for Theatrical Arts is open to all 9-12 grade High School students who participate in theatrical productions at Faith, both as members on a tech crew or performing on stage. Students become members by collecting points throughout the school year by participating in various performance related opportunities. The I.T.S. participates in community service, yearly field trips to see professional theatrical productions, and attend workshops. There are officer positions available. The Honor Society holds meetings twice a month in the drama room.

    I.T.S. Members have the opportunity to audition for scholarships for college and attend workshops and state and nation wide conferences. All I.T.S. members are recognized at graduation with an honors chord.
  • Japanese Society HS

    This club offers opportunities for students to engage with Japanese cultural concepts and activities.
    Group meetings will happen weekly on Thursdays at high school lunch. We will discuss a variety of topics, including, but not limited to art, music, food, history, animation, and language. We will sometimes watch movies or TV shows and listen to music, eat Japanese food, play games, etc., depending on the week. Students are expected to be kind and respectful towards one another and within the context of discussing certain Japanese cultural ideas. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose is to express an appreciation for Japanese culture and language through a variety of activities and dialogues. The goal of our club is to enjoy each other’s company as we connect over a mutual interest in Japanese language and culture.
    Where? Room 104
    When? Weekly on Thursdays during High School Lunch
    Students: Danielle Villano
    Faculty: Lauren Gatewood
  • Journalism HS

  • Journalism MS

    The MS Crusader is Faith Lutheran’s student newspaper for the middle school. The newspaper is managed by students in MS Journalism class. Students must fill out an application and enroll in the class in order to be considered for the class. Due to the nature of the class, class size is limited to about 20 students. Enrollment in the course is by application only. 

    Students in MS Journalism class are responsible for publishing 7 monthly newspapers and running the newspapers website. Students write articles, take photographs, create layouts, and do other homework assignments related to the journalistic process. 

    This class follows a set curriculum over the course of the entire school year. Students will receive a grade for the class and can be removed if they fail to keep a passing grade.  

    This class’s purpose is to help students become stronger writers and understand how journalism works through the publication of the newspaper.

    Currently inactive. 
  • Just One Project Club

    The Just One Project is Nevada’s largest mobile food pantry with over 10 locations that provide over 12,000 individuals with fresh groceries. The Just One Project offers a unique hands-on experience for Faith Lutheran students to connect with the community through distributing food to low income families. The Pop up & Give program is The Just One Project’s mobile community marketplace with multiple locations around Southern Nevada. There are two Pop Ups a month, every two weeks and begin for volunteers at 8:00 am.
    Members of this club/activity are expected to attend one meeting minimum a month. Members are also required to attend at least one Pop up a month and/or two per quarter. 
    Our club’s purpose is to mobilize volunteers at Faith Lutheran who have a heart for building a stronger and healthier community. The Just One Project here at Faith Lutheran values establishing a personal connection with members in the community while humbly serving back and making a difference.
    Campus Meetings will be in Portable 67 on Wednesdays at 2:50 - 3:20pm

    The Pop Up & Give location will be at Brinley Middle School beginning at 8:00 am - 2480 Maverick St, Las Vegas, NV 89108 (dates will be announced at campus meetings)
    Dr. Chapman, Faculty Advisor
  • Kahoot Club

    This club/activity offers opportunities for students to compete against other students in a casual setting by playing the trivia game Kahoot. Participants have the opportunity to be named the Kahoot King/Queen by winning the Kahoot rounds of the day. Participants can also study for finals by coming to the Kahoot Club, where Kahoots relevant to their finals will be played.
    Members of this club/activity are expected to attend meetings unless they have notified a council member of an overruling conflict. Participants must also have good Kahoot sportsmanship. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance will be taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose is to offer students the opportunity to relax in a casually-set club while interacting with other students through the website
    The goal of our club is to create a fun environment where students participating can relax and break free from their usual school routine. We strive to offer activities that students can look forward to.
    Where:  Portable 65
    When:  Every other Friday at Lunch, beginning October 7, 2016.
  • Kenya Project Club

    This club offers opportunities for students to manage and run The Kenya Project, and all of the activities it entails. Students will help raise money for our high school advisories' sponsored children (and the communities they live in). Students will take part in making personal connections between students at Faith and students we sponsor in Kenya, and plan all activities, events, and fundraisers associated with charity of the month. The Kenya Project club is a club dedicated to serving and loving our communities in Kenya, while spreading the message of loving another as your neighbor locally, and learning how to serve God and others in future careers.
    Members of this club/activity are expected to participate in the following aspects of the club: advisory activity planning, Charity of the Month Fundraising, Social Innovation Challenges, and planning and participating in the Spring 6K Global Walk for Water. 
    Our club’s purpose is to reach our hands globally to Kenya, while spreading the word of God and helping one another locally.
    The goal of our club is to allow students to experience life outside of their comfort zone, understand life/poverty in a developing country more, serve to better our communities in Kenya, and learn more about the workings or possible careers in NGOs. 
    Where? Room 406
    When (day and time)? Once per month during advisory (email reminders are sent out)
    CLUB FEE: $0
    Gabby Cooke, Saige Schweitzer, and Natalie Othick . Student Leaders
    Scott FogoAnna McDanielDaniel Smith . Faculty Advisors
  • Key Club

    Key Club meets once a week on Thursdays. The executive officers also meet every Tuesday. 

    Grades Eligible - 9th - 12th

    Key Club is a service organization affiliated with Kiwanis Club International. Students are involved in a variety of service projects throughout the year. Meetings are held during HS lunch to allow all students the opportunity to participate in this international organization.
  • Learn To Climb

    This group is not active during 2020-21.
  • Mark 10:14 Mentors

    Mark 10:14 Mentors work with students who have intellectual disabilities, to provide tutoring and assistance in their classes. Mark 10:14 Mentoring is a high school elective class. Students must select this class as an elective when planning their schedules for the following school year. Enrollment in this course is then determined by the teacher after completion of an application and interview process. 

    The goal of Mark 10:14 Mentors is to help students with intellectual disabilities be fully included members of our school. Beyond providing assistance in class, mentors serve as ambassadors, allies, and role models for the Mark 10:14 students, helping them form relationships and connections within the Faith Lutheran community. 

    Mark 10:14 Mentors are expected to attend class with their assigned student, completing observation forms and providing assistance as needed. Mentors also work with their student(s) to practice reading, writing, math, and social skills under the supervision of the Mark 10:14 teacher. 

    Mark 10:14 Mentoring is an elective class filling one block of the mentor’s schedule. Attendance is required. Training meetings are held prior to the beginning of the school year, and during the advisory period. 
  • Master Act

    MasterActis BACK!!!
    All students 6thgrade thru 12thare welcome! July 8-13, 2019.  Only 100spots available!For a free information sheet with FAQs, please email:
    Go to enroll. For more information, see daily announcements. 
  • Math Olympics Competition

    The desire to solve extremely complex and difficult math problems is the main reason to be part of the mathematics olympics club. Here we focus our attention on national level math competitions that happen in many colleges around the United States. Because of COVID-19, the competitions are now online. 
    Most math competitions usually require more math skills and knowledge than what you would learn in a regular math class so expect to learn new material that only applies to solving olympic math questions. Without a doubt, only a few students are brave enough to challenge themselves with the
    computational stress that requires to become a Faith Mathlete. But those that do, understand the gratifying experience of solving a difficult problem, and just like in life, it requires training, effort and perseverance. 

    Members of this club are expected to: 
    • Participate in 85% of all meetings. 
    • Be early and on time. (You would need the entire session for one problem) 
    • Respect me and their peers at all times. 
    • Allow for dialogue between your (teammates) students. 
    • Allow for constructive criticism and constructive listening. Allow yourself to be wrong multiple times but have the perseverance to never give up. 
    • Participate in math competitions. 
    • Have a positive attitude towards learning difficult material 
    • In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings. 

    Our club’s purpose is to train for national level math competitions around the country. And most importantly, to have fun in the process.
    Where: Room Portable 52 (With the big Puerto Rican Flag in the back) When (day and time)?: Friday @ 2:45pm 
    Team Leaders: TBD
    Team Trainer:
    Mr. Joshua Bonet 
  • Mathcounts

    MATHCOUNTS offers opportunities for students who have a talent and passion for math and want to be challenged. Students will engage in exciting, "bee-style" contests in which they will compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. Students enrolled in the sixth, seventh, or eighth grade are eligible to participate in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

    Members of MATHCOUNTS are expected to attend all meetings, behave in a manner consistent with Faith Lutheran rules, policies, and procedures, participate appropriately during MATHCOUNTS class time, and do all classwork as well as homework to the best of their ability. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.

    Our club’s purpose is to foster a greater appreciation for mathematics while giving the students the tools to solve math problems faster. The goal of our club is to take the top eight performing students to a CHAPTER competition and do well.
    Where? Room 327
    When? Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:00 PM,
    Sept. 7, 2021 - Feb. 24, 2022
  • Missions

    Your life is a gift. You have been created and uniquely gifted to serve others in Jesus’ name.  You are not only a blessing to Faith Lutheran, but you were chosen to be a blessing to all throughout your journey. Faith Lutheran is passionate about encouraging students to serve others and make an impact for Christ.  Our prayer is that you would see Jesus and come to know Him in the most personal way as you serve on the mission field through short-term missions. 
    Mrs. Julie Buuck
    Faith Lutheran Missions

    Mexico Mission Trip - Baja Bound

    Each year, a group of students and faculty head to the agricultural areas surrounding Ensenada, Mexico to serve the community.  Members of the mission teams will serve through orphanages, food programs, Bible lessons, craft projects and the building of homes.  For additional information, please contact:
    Julie Buuck

    Dominican Republic Mission Trip - Casas por Cristo
    Each year, a group of students and faculty will head to the Dominican Republic to build a home for a family in need.  If you have a passion for hard work and serving the needs of "the least of these," please consider joining us.  For additional information, please contact: 
    Dr. Bo Chapman
  • Missions Advocacy Team

    This team is for students who are passionate about getting other students involved in Missions locally, regionally, nationally, and on a global level. We help connect students with upcoming trips and create publicity for the trips. We also help the students share their experiences after they return from a trip. Each year we try to provide a variety of mission opportunities.

    Faculty Advisor:
    Julie Buuck 
    Shayne Saragosa (2021) Student Leader
  • Mock Trial - MS

    Middle School Mock Trial

    Thank you for expressing interest in Middle School Mock Trial!
    We are excited to host a Mock Trial competition for our 6-8th graders!
    This opportunity is available to all middle school students, whether you are brand new to the competition or you have attended previously. This competition is meant to be engaging, informative, and mind opening.

    All the coaches for the competition will be high school students with experience in mock trial. They will be guiding middle school student's through practices, deciphering the case, preparing the case, and presenting at competition. To be fair for all teams, there is no outside coaching allowed during Middle School Mock Trial.

    Practices will have adult supervision and be held on campus in the Courtroom and Rooms 112-122. A snack will be provided each day. Practices continue throughout November. The competition is held in December. 

    The J&A Academy teachers will form even teams of no more than eight students and will then release the teams/coaches and case information via email to registered students. The competition will consist of a minimum of four rounds per team, each about one hour in length. 

    Registration opens on Crusader Connect in October and will close after the first 80 spots are full or by a predetermined deadline date.

    Cost is $100 per student (includes snacks, lunch day on the Competition Day, and competition materials).

    The goal for middle school students is to have fun throughout this experience and gain new knowledge on the justice system.

    Faculty Advisors:
    Mrs. Blank
    Mr. Whet Smith
    Mr. Paquette
  • Mock Trial/Moot Court

    Mock trial is used as a vehicle for equipping students with the skills that will set them apart from their peers and enable them to succeed in any future career path.
    Participants must use legal theory and analytical reasoning to develop complex fact patterns into coherent cases. At the same time, students develop critical thinking skills while arguing procedural rules and examining witnesses; they also acquire public speaking abilities when delivering compelling opening and closing statements and engaging witness portrayals.
    Members of the Mock Trial are expected to make all scheduled practices, learn their parts and all the technical competition aspects.  Members are asked to compete to the best of their ability and represent Faith Lutheran in the best light possible.  
    Our club’s purpose is to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner. The goal of our club is  to produce excellent advocates.
    Where? Room 117 
    When (day and time)? Varies by assigned practice schedule.  Generally Tuesday and Thursdays 6-9pm
    ADVISOR:  Whet Smith
  • Model UN

    What is Model United Nations?
    Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the actual United Nations. The FLHS MUN Team provides students the opportunity to learn about and debate global issues, improve their critical thinking and public speaking skills, better understand and practice diplomacy, all while simulating the committees, debates, and activities of the real United Nations.
    What does a Model United Nations student do?
    The FLHS MUN Team prepares for and attends MUN Conferences held throughout the United States and internationally. At the conferences, the students act as delegates of their assigned country and sit on simulated United Nations Committees to debate and resolve current international issues. To prepare for the conferences, students actively research, debate, problem-solve, and write proposals on world issues.
    How will Model United Nations benefit me?
    The skills developed during MUN help the students prepare for college and careers. The students will gain an unprecedented knowledge of world affairs. The public speaking, research, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, diplomatic, and leadership skills are all things heavily recruited by premier colleges and universities. MUN can make students stand out to colleges and scholarship committees. The MUN experience also promotes cultural diversity and a deeper understanding of the interconnected, global society we live in. The MUN Team is part of the FLHS Justice and Advocacy program and satisfies the J & A extracurricular requirement.
    When does the Model United Nations Team meet?
    The MUN Team meets every Thursday from 7:00-8:30 and one Saturday of each month from 9:00-12:00. Additionally, the team will attend 4 conferences during the year, lasting anywhere from one day to four days.
    Are there any requirements to be a Model United Nations team member?
    Students must be academically in good standing at FLHS, attend a minimum of 2/3’s of the practices, and attend at least two conferences per year. Additionally, students are required to prepare and submit a position paper (3-5 pages) prior to each conference they attend.
    To see the FLHS MUN Team in action, follow us, friend us, or click on these videos:
    Facebook: FLHS Model UN
    Twitter: @flhs_mun
     Upcoming Events:
    20 Feb: LVMUN (Spring Valley High School)
    31 Mar-4 Apr: Washington Area MUN Conference (WAMUN, George Washington University, Washington DC)
    25 Feb - 21 Apr: Middle School MUN Practice (Thursdays, 6:30-8:00)
    23 Apr: FLMUN Middle School Conference (Faith Lutheran High School)
     Useful Links:
    FLMUN II Registration (coming soon)
    FLMUN II Welcome Letter (coming soon)
    FLMUN II Committees and Background Guides (coming soon)
    For more information or to join the team, please contact:
    Team Advisor: Josh Tonniges
  • Mu Alpha Theta

    Mu Alpha Theta is a mathematics honor society. Students that are invited to join must have at least a 3.0 math g.p.a. and have completed at least two high school math classes, including Algebra 1 and Geometry. In addition, they must be currently taking their third (or even fourth) high school math class. 
    In Mu Alpha Theta, we work to find ways that students can be involved in celebrating their successes in mathematics, as well as giving back and helping students who struggle in mathematics. We offer tutoring each week after school (Monday through Thursday) for any students that want to come and get help from our honor society members.
  • National Art Society HS

    Eligible Grades: 10-12
    National Art Honor Society meets every Monday during HS lunch.
    NAHS is an International Society that welcomes qualified students who are supporters of the visual arts to participate in various projects that help promote art and educate these students further in the importance of visual art in their world.
    Students are required to have a required amount of points for each semester.  Regular attendance is required.  
    There are various activities that students can do.  It must be all VISUAL ART oriented.
    Design posters, design bulletin boards, attend galleries, shows, and more.
    Members are eligible to participate if they have been in an Art course 1/2 semester prior to the current year, have a B in art, and can attend meetings.  
    At semester it will be reviewed if a student can continue due to requirements.
    The first meeting is in early September.  There is a membership fee of $15.  
  • National Forensic League

    ADVISOR Jocelyn Uy
  • National French Honor Society

    La Société Honoraire de Français
    You are considered eligible for selection to the French National Honor Society when  you meet the following criteria:
    1.             You are currently enrolled in Honors French III or higher
    2.             You have maintained an A- or higher in all of your high school French classes
    3.             You have maintained a B- or high in all of your other classes
    Please keep the following requirements in mind if you plan on applying and get accepted into FHS:
    • Your continued study of French IS REQUIRED EVERY YEAR until you graduate.  YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN YOUR NEXT LEVEL OF FRENCH CLASS EVERY SINGLE YEAR.   *Do not apply if you DO NOT plan to continue your French studies next year and the rest of your high school years until you graduate from Faith Lutheran High School.
    • An initial membership fee of $20.00 which covers membership, certificates, etc.
    • Regular participation in the French Honor Society.  You will earn service points to stay in the Society as well as to wear the FHS cords at graduation.
    In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, the Honor Society is looking for students of good character who show an interest in learning and promoting the French language and culture.
    Your application cover letter (this form) and your questions (following 2 pages) must be submitted to Miss Greene (room #214)
    Constitution and Bylaws
    Article I: Name
    Our Société Honoraire de Français chapter, Celui qui sait deux langues en vaut deux, is sponsored by AATF, American Association of Teachers of French. 
    Article II: Purpose
    The purpose of the French Honor Society is to recognize high achievement in French at our high school and to promote continuity of interest in French culture and studies.  
    Article III: Requirements for Membership
    a.         Candidates are currently enrolled in Honors French III or higher
    b.         Candidates have maintained an A- or higher in all of your high school French classes
    c.         Candidates have maintained a B- or high in all of your other classes
    d.         Candidates must show exemplary character.
    e.         Candidates must show dedication to service and leadership activities and also must  
               show interest either as an individual and/or group in the advancement of the French
    Article IV: Officers
    Nominees for the Society’s Executive Committee will be taken in the spring semester, during the month of March.  The Society’s members will vote on the nominees in April. By a majority of votes, the newly elected Executive officers will serve for a year.
    Co-Presidents:Organize and preside over all meetings, schedule the annual French Honor Society activities and promote French Club with their quarterly activities.  One of the presidents must always be present at the French Club meetings.
    Vice-President:Assist the Presidents and act as the public relations person for the Society.  He/She will inform members of upcoming events and meetings through email and flyers.
    Secretary:Keep all minutes of meetings.
    Treasurer:Assist with dues, fees and product ordering.
    Article V: Initiation Ceremony
    The initiation or induction ceremony will be held once a year.  It will be organized and conducted by the Executive officers with the assistance of all other members.
    Article VI: Cost of Membership
    The dues for membership will be $20.  These funds will be allocated for the Society’s expenses including the Induction Ceremony.
    Article VII: Meetings
    The regular meetings will be decided upon at the beginning of each semester since members’ schedules may change.  Attendance is required. At our meetings, we will discuss upcoming events, service opportunities and school activities related to the promotion of second language learning.
    Article VIII: Service Contract
    As a member of the Society, you are required to participate in 85 hours of service for each year that you are a member of the Society. These hours are detailed in the attached contract. 
    Article IX: Rules of Conduct
    The Society is an honorary organization that upholds impeccable character and leadership skills. If at any time a student’s academic record, character, and/or leadership is in question, the Society will adhere to the following dismissal procedures: 
    1.        A student who falls below the standard which was the basis for his/her selection will be promptly warned in writing by the chapter advisor. He/she will have one month to correct the deficiency. 
    2.         If the deficiency is not corrected within one month, the case will be presented to the faculty council.
    3.          In all cases of impending dismissal, a member will have the right to a hearing before the faculty council. The student will be notified in writing by the faculty advisor.  The memo will appraise the student of the impending dismissal and the student’s right to a hearing. 
    4.           The faculty council may dismiss a member by majority vote.
    5.          If a member is dismissed, he/she will be notified in writing by the faculty advisor and the principal.

    As a member of the French National Honor Society, it is my duty to serve my school and my community as a positive role model, as well as to continuously demonstrate a passion for learning about other languages and cultures. As a society member, I understand that it is my responsibility to achieve a minimum of 85 service points each year that I am a Society member. If I successfully complete this obligation, I will wear my honors cords with pride at the FLHS Graduation Ceremony. 
    The list below explains how you can work towards the 85 service points required for the French National Honor Society.  Points CANNOT be transferred from year to year.  All hours must be completed during the academic school year.  No summer hours or vacation hours accepted.
    • Club Officer(20 points) A club officer is responsible for organizing all group meetings, sending out emails and meeting reminders, and heading the induction ceremony. Officers are required to attend all meetings unless approved by one of the club advisors.  These points are given at the end of the school year, provided the student(s) have met the above requirements.
    • Project Leaders(15 points)As a project leader, you are responsible for organizing and promoting one of various activities such as authentic restaurant night, stocking stuffer competition, French Week (the first week in November) Celebrations/Décor/Education, assisting another organization with an activity, French food tastings, French holiday events, etc. There must be 2 project leaders per project. 
    • Event Participation(10 points each)You will receive service points for attending any of the Honor Society’s or French Club’s events. You will also receive these service points for participating in the Induction Ceremony. 
    • Club Meetings (5 points each)Club meetings will be held once a month unless there is an upcoming month that requires us to meet more. 
    • Tutoring(10 points per 30 minute tutoring session)You will be assigned to tutor a French student before or after school. We also have Quizlet monitoring sessions during advisory, after school and on Tuesday mornings. 
    • French Club Recruitment(5 points per student recruited)If you know someone who is interested in French Club or a French Club activity, have that student email me for information.  Once that student participates in one French Club activity, 5 points will be added to your service hours for recruitment. 
    • Other Volunteer Opportunities (1 point per hour of volunteer work) Occasionally groups will ask for assistance from Honor Societies.  Although these may not include a French language or culture experience, we are certainly willing to assist others in our community.  Please provide Miss Greene with the name and phone number of the person leading the volunteer service so your time there can be counted.  Only 20 hours (of the total 85 per year) can be used for this category. 
    Our academic records indicate that you are presently eligible to join the La Société Honoraire de Français or French National Honor Society for high school students. Students are invited to join the Society on a probationary basis. Membership is granted only to those students who continue to demonstrate exemplary achievement in French and display commitment and dedication to Society. This includes but is not limited to consistent attendance at meetings. To become a member of the French National Honor Society, please read the requirements for induction and maintaining membership that are listed below and follow the guidelines to ensure probationary membership status. 
    • Maintain a minimum average of 3.7 GPA (A-, 90% or above) in previous and current French course.
    • Maintain a minimum of a 2.7 overall GPA (B-, 80 or above) verified by the Registrar’s Office. 
    • Continued study of French until graduation *Do not apply if you DO NOT plan to continue your French studies next year.
    • Fulfillment of 85 service points each year.
    • A membership fee of $20.00 which covers membership, certificates, induction ceremony, etc.
    • Regular participation in the French Honor Society.
    • Three unexcused absences at meetings result in dismissal and illegibility for Induction. 
    • Attendance at the World Languages Honor Societies Induction Ceremony TBA.
    • Appropriate behavior at all events and follow all Faith Lutheran school rules 
    *It is imperative that you check your Faith Lutheran email accounts as they will be the primary method of communication for events and meeting reminders.
    Please keep this page for your records. Sign and print your name on the next page and return only the next page to me in a labeled envelope along with the $20.00 non-refundable membership fee (cash or check). Checks should be made payable to Faith Lutheran.
  • National Honor Society


    Please Note:
    The application process for the FLHS Chapter of the National Honor Society is under review and the invitation and selection dates for students inducted into the 2022-2023 cohort have not been finalized. 

    This organization offers opportunities to be recognized for current excellence, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, provide leadership, and develop character.

    The national Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students.  More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  All sophomore and junior students with a weighed GPA of 4.0 or greater will be invited to apply for membership during the third quarter of the school year.  The formal application requires documented co-curricular activities, leadership positions, service activities, community activities, work experience, recognition, and awards.  A faculty council will review the application, accompanying essay, administration review, and will recommend or not recommend membership.  
    Members of this organization are expected to attend all meetings, complete 50 or more hours of documented service between June 1, 2021 through April 15, 2022, participate in three FL Chapter service projects, maintain at least a 4.0 weighted GPA, and pay a one time fee of $40.

    Faculty Advisor:
    Mrs. J. Buuck
  • National Jr Honor Society

    Dues:  $20/year
    7th grade students will be invited to apply to NJHS in the spring if they meet the minimum requirements of a 3.8 or higher cumulative GPA over the last three semesters.  Another requirement is that students must have attended either FLMS or First Good Shepherd in the sixth grade. National Junior Honor Society meets approximately once a month and may meet more depending on current activities. 

    Grades Eligible - Students are inducted at the end of 7th grade, but serve as 8th graders.

    Students are selected to be a part of NJHS by a faculty committee appointed by the middle school principal.  In addition to students having to meet the minimum GPA requirement, they must excel in the following four areas:  character, leadership, service, and citizenship.  Students must perform at least 10 hours of service per semester. (This will change to 15 hours per semester starting with the school year 2016-2017) These hours can be obtained on their own or by participating in NJHS activities. Activities are designed to promote service to the school or community. They include fundraisers, walk-a-thons, food drives, or other collections. NJHS participants must also participate in a individual or group project that will be outlined for them at the time of induction.
    In order to stay an active member in NJHS, students must attend 80% of all meetings, must participate in our chapter fundraisers, and must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.8.  
    At 8th grade promotion, students who have fulfilled all the requirements will be honored with an NJHS honor cord.
    ADVISOR Kathy Grant
  • National Jr. Art Society

    National Junior Art Honor Society is an organization for students with a focused interest in the visual arts. Our goal is to develop students' creative skills and to promote the visual arts in our community. Any motivated student with a B or better in art and an overall C average may join. Students are required to attend 12 meetings per semester and earn 5 points each semester through independent art-related activities. The induction ceremony for NJAHS takes place at the end of the first quarter. Students who continue to meet or exceed membership requirements are awarded an NJAHS certificate and pin at the Middle School Fine Art Awards at the end of the academic year.
    National Junior Art Honor Society Activities include:
    • open studio time in the art room
    • gallery visits and field trips
    • creative contests and challenges
    • opportunities to explore art mediums and techniques
    • feedback on self-directed art work
    • art-related community service
    Students must complete points activities in a timely manner and submit the appropriate form to the honor society advisor. Some of a students required activities must be completed in their own time. Students who do not fulfill attendance, grade, and points requirements will not receive NJAHS awards. NJAHS students are expected to contribute art work and help set up and take down the Annual Juried Middle School Art Show.
    ADVISOR Kim Gilman
  • NERF Club

    Currently inactive. 
    Advisor needed. 
  • Net Admins

    This course prepares the student to prove their expertise with desktop, server, and networking components. Students will study and learn computer networking basics. The students will also be responsible for managing, troubleshooting, and overseeing the Faith Lutheran Network. This course will help students prepare for certification exams.
    • Prerequisites: Approval of CIO.
    • (Grades 9-12)
    ADVISOR Tom Chalfant & Chris Zois
  • Paintball Club

    The club currently has no advisor.  In the past, the Paint Ball Club allowed members to have an opportunity to socialize and play Recreational Paintball and Speedball with other students in a fun and exciting environment. The club was open to all grades.

    Currently inactive. 
  • Peer Mentors

    Currently inactive (2020-2021)

    High School Students are selected through staff nomination for this group.

    The Peer Mentors are a small group of students selected by staff nomination and trained in mentoring and mediation. The Mentors lead small groups geared to assist with social skill development and academic success. The Mentors may present guidance lessons in middle school advisories throughout the year. While they do not attempt to counsel children, they are trained to recognize potential warning signs and alert appropriate adults. They are also trained in peer mediation and may be called upon to mediate middle school conflicts. 
  • Philosophy Club

    Start Date: Thursday, January 31st
    End Date: Wednesday, May 15th
    This club offers opportunities for students in high school to learn, debate, and discuss different philosophers and philosophies in a safe and casual environment. 
    Members of this club are expected to show up to meetings and join in on whatever debate, discussion or activity we are doing. At the end of the meeting each week we will ask for a volunteer to choose a philosopher or philosophy to discuss next week. In keep with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings. 
    Our club’s purpose is to offer high school students engaging conversation about moral and philosophical questions in a good environment. The goal of our club is to spread knowledge and conversation about philosophy to people who are interested in learning more about the subject.
    Where: Room 68
    When: 2:45-3:15 on Wednesday if it’s Maroon or Thursday if it’s Maroon
    Jonah Schoenmann, Student Leader
  • Photography Club

    Photography Club is sponsored by Mrs. Buchholz for high school students interested in learning more about the art of digital photography. Students have opportunities to take pictures, learn shooting and editing techniques, and go on photographic field trips.The club meets weekly.

    ADVISOR Beth Buchholz
  • Praise Band

    Praise Bands (there are 4) are a part of Faith's worship team and have the honor of preparing and leading the music for Faith's weekly chapel services. In the spring, an audition process is held and guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, and singers are chosen and assigned to one of the the 4 bands. Two of the bands are made up of middle school students and practice is at 6:45 a.m. 3 morning a week. The high school bands are 1st block classes. 

    As a worship leader, a strong relationship with Jesus Christ is critical as Praise Band delivers the message of salvation through music. A heart for worship is important as well because Praise Band is a year long commitment.
  • Prayer Warriors

    Prayer Warriors offers students the opportunity to pray for the people they know and love (their peers, teachers, friends, and family) while simultaneously praying for people they’ve never met who live half way across the country or even the world. This club offers opportunities to spend quality, uninterrupted time with our Creator, to give all our cares and worries to God as he has directed us to do, and to escape from the troubles of this world for just a little while.
    Prayer warriors are expected to show up to two prayer meetings a week on Monday mornings and Friday mornings at 7am. Outside of meetings, it is requested that the warriors continue to pray for anyone and everyone. Most importantly, warriors are expected to always be willing to pray for someone no matter when or where they may receive a prayer request. Any prayers shared with a warrior are expected to remain between God and the warrior unless the prayer request reveals a situation in which one or more persons are in danger, in which case it will be reported to a counselor. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance will be taken at all meetings.

    The purpose of Prayer Warriors is simply to pray. We have a direct line to the Creator of the universe, the redeemer of our souls, the sustainer of our faith, yet we take advantage of that and forget how graciously God has given us the gift of prayer. The only goal of this club is to teach the warriors to give all their cares and worries to God while remembering to give him praise and thanksgivings. After that, the warriors will learn to let God take control and watch as his mercy and grace floods the sin and sorrow of this world, not because of anything we did, but because of his love for us.

    Room 112 – Mondays and Fridays at 7am

    FACULTY ADVISOR: Michelle Hines
  • Programming Club

    Programming Club


    This club offers its members the chace to sharpen their programming skills through lessons, fun projects, and programming competitions. The members of this club will learn advanced programming techniques and concepts and get the chance to apply them to programming projects, both indiviually and in a group setting. Through consistent attendance at the club, its members will build a solid programming resume, which is highly valued in college applications to a STEM field.

    Members of the club will be expected to attend weekly meetings on Thursdays after school. The vast majority of the meetings will be lessons, teaching the members of the club new skills and concepts. Some other meetings will instead be dedicate to working programming projects from all kinds of different fields. Occasionally, there will be programming competitions between the members, designed to teach the members how to write code following specific guidelines. Most of the meetings will not entail any outside work, but when a new project is introduced during a meeting the members will be highly encouraged to work on the prject outside of the club to not fall behind other members, but outside work is not vital to partecipation in the club. 

    The club has three major goals. 
    1. Bringing together students that are passionate about programming, so they can learn from each other 
    2. Sharpening the programming skills of the members of the club
    3. Building a programming resume for college admission process 
    It’s also a good place to go to if you want to improve at programming but are unsure of how to go about it or just want to program something cool.

    Where? Room 310
    When? Thursday 3-4 pm   

    Student Advisor:  Lorenzo Cacciapuoti    
    Faculty Advisor:  Mr. Daniel Kober                     
  • Quiz Bowl MS

    This club offers opportunities for students to work as individuals and as a team to answer pyramidal style formatted questions on various topics from academics to popular culture.  It is also an opportunity to practice for the high school quiz bowl team and eventually college quiz bowl teams.

    Members of the middle school quiz bowl team are expected to attend and participate in a practice each week. They are also expected to attend the majority of the quiz bowl matches during the season. In keeping with the club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings. 

    The goal of the middle school quiz bowl team is to provide a fun but challenging competition for students to share their knowledge not only about academics but also activities outside of school such as sports, music, and popular culture.

    Room 323
    Practice  Wednesdays 3:30-4:30
    Matches will be held on Saturday Mornings

  • Quiz Bowl/Varsity Quiz HS

    Grades eligible: 9 - 12

    Varsity quiz is an academic competition between Clark County High Schools. Teams of four compete in a Jeopardy style buzzer quiz format. Each match last three rounds. At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each site compete in a playoff to determine the Clark County champion. The finals are aired on PBS.

    Students are expected to display excellent academic knowledge, good sportsmanship, and a Christ-like attitude when dealing with other team members and schools. Practices are once a week from late September through early December. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.

    GOALS/PURPOSE: (describe the purpose & goals of this group)
    Our club’s purpose is to compete successfully in Varsity Quiz competitions.
    Our goal is to win the regional championship and compete for the Clark County championship.

    Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 2:50-4pm
    Where: Mr. Crowder’s room #120 
  • Radio Controlled Club MS

    In process.
  • Red Cross Club


    Working with FL students, faculty, and staff to encourage blood donation as well as potential fundraising for disaster relief. 


    Members of this club/activity are expected to help spread the word of the importacne of blood donation and also to assist at these drives.  In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.  We would meet approximately once a quarter and correspond via text and email otherwise.  


    Our club's purpose is to host bloods drives twice a year.  The goal of our club is to involve all eligible donors (students and faculty and staff) and to inform the school about the importance of blood donation. 

    Location and Time of Meetings

    Where? Room Mrs. Grant's room 224 
    When:  Meetings will occur 1X each quarter.  Check daily announcements for dates and times. 

    Faculty/ Volunteer Advisor

    Nora Paulos/ Mrs. Kathy Grant
  • Rock Band / Recording Club

    This club offers opportunities for students to create an original band with the help of professional musicians from the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.
    Members of this club/activity are expected to be at three of every four rehearsals. Failure to do so will result in termination from the group.
     Members will also need to bring their own equipment to each rehearsal. Only drums and cymbals will be provided, along with a P/A.
    In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    Our club’s purpose is to provide a musical outlet for students interested in current musical styles.
    The goal of our club is to perform in school music concerts with a possible original recording.
    Where? Room 602
    When?   Thursday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.
    Student Leaders : Alyssa McCombs and Morgan Stewart
  • RPG Roleplaying Games

    The RPG Club or Role Playing Games Club is open to all high school students. If you enjoy fantasy and/or science fiction stories, then this is the club for you! 

    In RPG Club, students play classic role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and many more! They create imaginary characters and then travel through the game's story under the direction of a student game master. Creativity, fun, and lots of laughter are guaranteed!

    No previous experience is necessary! Veteran gamers will gladly show you the ropes!

    Currently, we meet once a week on Tuesdays after school in Miss Heimlich's classroom (room #103). The fun lasts from 3 P.M. to 5 P.M.
  • Running Club

    This activity is currently inactive, please contact Mrs. Buuck if you are interested in leading this group.  

    This club offers opportunities for students who either want to keep running during the offseason or just to try running for fun. Students involved in cross country and track will benefit by keeping fitness throughout the winter. Non-runners will also be able to try out running without the competitiveness and intensity of cross country or track. This club will focus on running a half marathon at the end of the season, but students can enter a longer or shorter race if they desire.
    Group members are expected to come to at least 50% of the meetings/practices that are held to be considered an official member of this club. They are also expected to participate in the runs/workouts that are held during the meetings. Meetings will start with an appropriate warm up, followed by a run, then an appropriate cool down and stretching. In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    Our club's purpose is to hold less-intense running practices for non-cross-country/track athletes, as well as improving competitive runners speed. The goal of our club is to keep athletes in between sports in shape for their spring sport, as well as get non-runners inspired to continue running in either a sport, or recreationally.
    Where? Track
    When? Every day after school 3-4:30
    Student Leaders: 
    Faculty Advisor:
  • SAT & ACT Class

    SAT & ACT Class
    In cooperation with Princeton Review, Faith Lutheran is offering Princeton Review's Ultimate combined ACT & SAT course on campus, which includes 25 hours of instruction and 4 full-length diagnostic practice exams on Saturday mornings at 9:00. This course is valued at $1099, but Faith students can take it for only $599. The next available course starts with a practice test on January 26 and will run mostly Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, concluding just before the March SAT and April ACT. The following class will begin with a practice test on April 6 and will run mostly Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, concluding just before the June SAT and June ACT. Exact dates for the classes are listed below. To sign up please fill out the form at this link by by March 22 for the Spring class. REGISTER The total $599 for the class will be added to your tuition bill once the class has begun. Contact Mr. Buikema at with questions.
  • Science Bowl HS

    This group is currently inactive, awaiting further information from the league. 

     Science Bowl is a team of students that compete against other schools by buzzing in answers to questions in the following categories Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Energy, General Science, and Math. See link for video of Science Bowl Competition.
    Who: Everyone is invited to try out for Science Bowl, particularly those with an interest in math and science. We are looking for ten committed members. Each team consists of five members, one of which will be a captain and one of which will be an alternate.
    Tryouts: Are held on the Minimum Testing Day in October each year. We will start right after testing. Please see announcements and signs for more details each year.
    Commitment: Students must be committed to practicing once a week November-January as well as attending the Nevada Regional Science Bowl usually held the first Saturday in February.
  • Science Bowl MS

    This group is currently inactive, awaiting further information from the league. 

    Faith Lutheran Middle School forms 2 to 3 teams of 5 students each to compete in the Nevada Regional Science Bowl Competition each year. The Nevada Regional Science Bowl competition is a double elimination tournament set up using a lock-out buzzer system to answer Math, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Energy questions.
    Tryouts for team selection takes place at the end of October. Information will be provided to students in the daily announcements. Once teams are selected, meetings and practices will take place 2 or 3 times a week except during the holidays.The Middle School competition is usually the first Saturday in March. 
    Faith Lutheran has won the Nevada Regional Competition in 2009 and 2012. These two teams traveled to compete in the National Science Bowl Competition in Washington D.C.
  • Science National Honor Society

    Science National Honor Society 
    Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is an organization for students who excel in the sciences to join together, recognize their abilities, and to serve others with their talents. The members run a tutoring service after school two days a week in Mrs. Blank’s room (312) and online via Zoom in the evenings for all students, middle school or high school, who would like help in any science subject. Members are given the opportunity to listen to speakers in various scientific fields, in partnership with the STEM academy. Finally, science related service projects are manned by members of the SNHS chapter at Faith Lutheran, such as judging and running science fairs of local elementary schools.
    As such, a member of SNHS is required to tutor at least 20 hours during the school year and are invited to participate in the other activities listed above. To be eligible for SNHS membership, students must have a cumulative unweighted GPA of at least 3.5 and a weighted GPA of at least 3.75 in the sciences. 10th-12th graders are invited to join in September each year via the General Announcements.
    The purpose of Science National Honor Society is to recognize achievement in the sciences for those accepted into the organization, as well as serving others with the members’ knowledge, passion, and gift in the sciences. Serving others would include a tutoring service for any student at Faith who needs help in the sciences and participating in science related service projects in the community. 
    Tutoring takes place on campus from 2:45-3:45pm on Mondays (Room 312) and Wednesdays (Room 335). Members will receive notice from the Advisor for any meetings other than tutoring sessions.
    The faculty advisor for Science National Honor Society is Mrs. Blank.

  • Scrapbook Club

    We work on scrapbooking our own pictures, but you can also make handmade cards for special occasions.  We also have tools and some paper and stickers you can use, too.  No experience needed!  

    Currently inactive. 
  • Ski & Snowboarding Club

    This Club is not active - advisor needed

    This club offers opportunities for students to travel out of state for skiing and snowboarding.  All middle and high school grades, their siblings and parents are welcome to join in the adventure.  All experience levels are welcome. Trips will be held twice a month from January through March. All trips are weather dependant.  

    There will be no club meetings.  Rather, a google form, medical form, and Crusader Connect form for each trip will need to be filled out two weeks prior to the trip.  The order in which the forms are received will determine placement on the bus. The cost for each trip will be determined based on the number of attendees.  Average cost will be approximately $200 which includes the cost of transportation and a ticket. If students need rentals or lessons, cost will increase accordingly.  Per Faith Lutheran Code of Conduct, all students will be expected to follow the rules per the Faith Lutheran Student Parent Handbook while on all trips. All students are expected to ride the bus to and from the resort for safety reasons.

    Our club’s purpose is to provide Faith Lutheran Middle & High School students an opportunity to connect with other students in a Christian setting to enjoy snowboarding and skiing weekend outings.
    Trips will be day trips with departure by 4:30am and returning by 8pm, depending upon the resort.  
    Trips will be to nearby ski resorts:

    Brian Head, near Cedar City, UT
    Eagle Point, near Veaver, UT
    Arizona Snowbowl, Flagstaff, AZ


    Click here to learn more:  

    Please complete your registration:

    Medical Permission Form will need to be printed, completed and submitted to Faculty Advisor prior to trips.

  • Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica HS

    Grade levels: 10, 11, and 12
    Dues:  $20/year

    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) or Spanish Honor Society is an honor society for students who have completed Spanish III or Spanish IV and have maintained a grade of 87% or higher both semesters as well as a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0. Students who are inducted MUST take a full year of Spanish the year after being inducted. Our focus is on community service, especially helping our local Spanish-speaking family.

    In order to stay an active member in SHH, students must attend 80% of all meetings, must participate in our chapter fundraisers, and must maintain a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.8.  
    Upon graduation, students who have fulfilled all the requirements will be honored with a SHH honor cord.
    ADVISOR Kathy Grant
  • Spanish Soap Opera Club

    This activity offers opportunities for students to spend time together viewing an enjoyable Spanish soap opera.  Students will have the opportunity to practice their Spanish listening comprehension and practice reacting by speaking in Spanish.
    Members of this activity are expected to be respectful while viewing of the Spanish soap opera.  Since this club meets during lunchtime, members are expected to help clean the classroom at the end of the meeting.  Attendance will be taken at all meetings.
    The purpose of this club is to give students an opportunity to practice Spanish listening and speaking skills in a relaxed environment free of formal assessments.  The goal of our club is to have students become more comfortable in their use of Spanish as well as advance in their abilities to use a foreign language. 
    Where? Room 55
    When (day and time)?   Maroon Day Tuesdays during HS Lunch
    Student Leaders:  
    Faculty Advisor:  TJ Heupel 
  • Strings

  • Student Aids

    Student Aide (004): 
    This course is designed to give students practical work experience from secretarial work to teacher assistant work including the grading of papers. Any student wishing to be an aide must be a student in good academic and behavioral standing. A PASS or FAIL grade is received for this class. On the transcript, student aide counts as an elective. A STUDENT MAY AIDE ONLY ONCE IN HIS/HER HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. The only exception to this rule is a scheduling problem that requires aiding to fill a student’s schedule. (Grades 11-12)

    Library Aide (006): Library aides work in the library under the direction of the librarian. These aides will help to maintain and deliver AV equipment, make photocopies, and assist in the processing and shelving of books. Any student wishing to be an aide must be a student in good academic and behavioral standing. A PASS or FAIL grade is received for this class. On the transcript, library aide counts as an elective. A STUDENT MAY AIDE ONLY ONCE IN HIS/HER HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. The only exception to this rule is a scheduling problem that requires aiding to fill a student’s schedule. (Grades 11-12)

    Math Teaching Aide (002): This class is for high school students who have a passion for working with other math students. As a Math Aide, students would be tutoring in a middle school math class or in the high school Mathematics Lab. Although the teacher will determine what is needed for his/her students, this could mean helping individual students with problems during independent work time or working with a small group of students who need extra help on specific skills. This is a great opportunity for high school students having strong math skills to not only share their expertise with other students, but to strengthen their own skills by teaching others. Prerequisite: completion of Algebra 1 and Geometry with an 85% or better. (Grades 10-12)

    ADVISOR Dan Buikema
  • Student Council MS

    Grades Eligible: 7th- 8th; 6th will be Elected in the Spring

    Middle School students meet during advisory or non-class times. 

    The MS Student Council is designed by the members of the Executive Board, Executive Council, and the Executive Cabinet. Together they will carry out the duties assigned to them in the school constitution. The members of this class will be responsible for planning assemblies, monthly activities, school wide events, and will assist the high school student council when needed. Each member of the class will work to maintain positive school spirit within the student body throughout the year.
    Students will run for office in the spring of each year and will be notified if they qualify for the Middle School Student Council.

    ADVISOR Michelle Hines 

    Who are you?  Are you humble, silly, authentic, memorable, inspiring, remarkable, calm, happy, trustworthy, amazing, original, different, unique, honest, confident, strong, funny, or kind?  If you can say yes to any one of these traits then Student Council might be for YOU!  Right now is the time for you to step up and prepare for middle school Student Council elections!  Get ready NOW…
                *Get a Student Council Application packet from Mrs. Hines.
                *Rally your parents and make sure they give you permission.
                *Ask two of your wonderful teachers to give you a recommendation.
                *Prepare a speech.
                *Complete the questionnaire.
                *See your counselor and the finance office for official signatures.
                *Be ready to have a BLAST!  
    The application, parent permission, official signatures, and teacher recommendations are due by Thursday, April 11th!  Together we will make a difference and have a great time doing it!  Election Day is Monday, April 29th
    Advisor:  Mrs. Hines / room 112 /
    If you have any questions see Mrs. Hines or speak to a current StuCo member!  (4/11)
  • Student Leadership Team HS

    Faith Lutheran’s award winning Student Leadership Team (student council) is a member of the Southern Regional Zone of the NV Association of Student Councils as well as a member of the National Association of Student Councils (NASC).  This team currently holds the Silver Star award from NV’s NASC and was awarded the National Council of Excellence 2016-17 award.
    Applications for Faith’s Student Leadership Team become available in January and elections are held in February.  Positions include elected student body, elected class officers, and advisor appointed positions.  Members of the Student Leadership Team begin their service June, the day after graduation.

    ADVISOR Jennifer McDaniel
  • Table Tennis

    This club/activity offers opportunities for students to play singles and doubles while connecting with other students and faculty members at Faith Lutheran who are interested in the game of ping pong.
    In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings; therefore, when students arrive they will be expected to sign in. Middle School students are expected to have a permission form on file.  Depending upon the turnout of members, games will either be singles or doubles and played to 11 or 21 points.  Respect for the equipment is important and there will be no inappropriate behavior or language tolerated.  
    Our club’s purpose is to have fun and fellowship while playing and improving in the game of ping pong.   
    Fee: A one time $10.00 fee will be charged to any student who desires to join the Ping Pong Club.
    Where? Student Center
    When? Fall Semester  
    High School students on Mondays: Right after school until about 4:15 pm
    Middle School students on Thursdays: Right after school until about 4:15 pm

    Student Leader:  Nathaniel Friedlander
    Faculty Advisor:  Karl Knorr

    Permission to Participate Table Tennis/Ping Pong
  • The Blanket Project

    This group is currently inactive 2021-22.   However, we are actively seeking student leadership and a faculty advisor.  Contact Mrs. Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life

    The Blanket Club
    The Blanket Club offers both middle and high school students a chance to make no-sew blankets after school to benefit Operation School Bell at Assistance League and/or The Animal Foundation, both of Las Vegas, during the school calendar year.
    Members of The Blanket Club are expected to do the following:
    1. 1.     Show up at the designated classroom on time with either or both 2 sq. yards of fleece material (Operation School Bell) or 1 sq. yard fleece material (Animal Foundation) which needs to be purchased beforehand at a fabric store i.e. JoAnn’s Fabric and a pair of fabric scissors. Fleece blanket kits are also acceptable.
    2. 2.    A brief demonstration will be performed on how to make a no-sew blanket at the beginning of the meeting.
    3. 3.    Stay at the meeting in the classroom to finish the blanket(s).
    4. 4.    Have the faculty advisor sign the student’s service hour papers for the allotted time:  For a two sq. yard blanket is 2 hours; a one sq. yard blanket is 1 hour of service.
    5. 5.    Blankets will be collected at the end of the meeting and delivered to designated charities.
    6. 6.    Snacks will be provided during the meeting.
    The purpose of The Blanket Club is to give students an opportunity on campus after school to earn service hours making no sew blankets to benefit the children of Operation School Bell at Assistance League of Las Vegas and/or the homeless animals waiting for adoption at The Animal Foundation in a supportive, social Christian setting.

    Location and Times of Meeting:
  • The Breakfast Club

    This club offers opportunities for students to come together for a devotion or a word from God and eat breakfast while fellowshipping with their brothers and sisters in Christ.  It also provides an opportunity to bring new people into a safe environment to listen to the word of God.  

    Members of this club/activity are expected to take turns in sharing a word from God or providing food for the members while maintaing a positive attitude.  In keeping with club protocol as Faith Lutheran, attendance will be taken at all meetings in an effot to ensure we are connecting together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  

    Our club's purpose is to create a community of students that help other students in their walk with the Lord while being in a place of comfort with familiar faces and food. 

    Location & Time of Meetings: 
    Where? Room 502
    When? Every Tuesday at 7:45am (late start mornings) 

    Faculty/ Volunteer Advisor:
    Student Advisor: Alex Alarcon 
    Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Lori Friel
  • Timeless Truth for Girls HS

    In process.
  • Travel Abroad

    Are you interested in traveling abroad?Spring Break 2020, the school is leading a trip to France and Switzerland. Summer of 2020, we will be going to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam! If you are interested and want more information, come to the informational meeting in the library during Advisory B on Monday 3/18. This is open to all current 9-11 graders. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Gieseke at! See you there!
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society HS

    Tri-M is the international music honor society for secondary schools students that 
    motivates and recognizes musical achievement.  Candidates for student membership shall be chosen from students enrolled in Faith Lutheran School’s music departments who meet chapter requirements.
    Tri-M is important at our school for many reasons: it provides unity between the 
    vocal and instrumental students, a sense of pride in the music department, community spirit, recognition of the excellence of our music students, and recognition for our graduating seniors. TRI-M is a student organization of the National Association of Music Education.
    New Members are selected in the fall of the school year based on the following criteria:
    1. Music – enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble and/or class.
    2. Scholarship – an A average in music and at least a 3.0 GPA
    3. Leadership, Service, and Character – have demonstrated leadership, service, and character in their music and other activities.
    4. Lettering – have achieved and been awarded a Music Letter.
    5. Recommendation – from their primary music director.
    • Participation in all TRI-M activities
    • Remain enrolled as member of a FLHS class music ensemble. 
    • Maintain an A average in music class and at least a 3.0 GPA. 
    • Continue to demonstrate leadership, service, and character in their music and other  activities.
    • Lettering in Music each year.
    • Performing at the Annual Spring TRI-M Recital.
    • Student membership will lapse until those standards are once again met.
    • In keeping with club protocol at Faith Lutheran, attendance is taken at all meetings.
    TRI-M purpose is to provide a means of recognizing the efforts and achievements of music students who volunteer their time and share their musical talent with others.. 
    The goal of the society is to foster greater interest in band, handbells, orchestra and choral performance and to provide wider opportunities for personal musical expression. Students are selected for membership on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership, and service
    To be announced through school email and announcements.
    TRI-M is a student organization of the National Association for Music Education. 
  • Trial By Peers - Faith Unit

    The Clark County Law Foundation's Trial By Peers (TBP) program is an innovative diversion program used as an alternative for first and some second time juvenile offenders. This program gives juveniles hands-on experience within the legal system and allows youth charged with misdemeanors to be tried, represented, and sentenced by their peers - other teens.
    Youth have the opportunity to participate in TBP in three primary areas of the program: as a defendant, a peer counselor or a juror. Defendants are prosecuted, defended by teen counselors, and tried in front of a jury of their peers. Teen juries determine the guilt or innocence and if applicable, impose a sentence. If the defendant completes the sentence accordingly, then his record will only reflect a referral to the peer court. Sentences may include jury duty, community services, letters of apology, and personal development classes.

    This information was retrieved from:  Clark County Law Foundation, Trial by Peers

    For further information, Faith Lutheran students interested in the Clark County Law Foundation's Trial by Peers program should contact:  Julie Buuck, Director of Student Life
    Office in Aux Gym
  • Ultimate Frisbee HS

    This group is currently inactive and looking for leaders.  If you are interested in leadership, please contact Mrs. Buuck

    Ultimate Frisbee Club,  brings the famous co-ed collegiate sport to the high school football field! All high school students are eligible - no experience is necessary! Students can learn how to throw several different styles and learn the inter-workings of strategy and team play. The club meets on Thursdays throughout the year.

    Student Advisor:
    Faculty Advisor: 
  • VEX Robotics Club HS

    In process.
  • VEX Robotics Club MS

    This page is currently under construction.  Please contact  Mr. Jacob Schumacher for information.
  • Video Production / AV Club

    Students meet weekly to collaborate in their efforts to create and produce video productions ranging from short films and music videos to video promos. 

    Students are taught filming and editing techniques, and get the hands on experience on video productions. Students participate in yearly film festival competitions.  Students are also responsible for streaming Chapel Services live every week.  The club offers students the opportunity to be creative, imaginative, and work with others.  

    Meeting: Club meets once a week and is open to all middle school students.
    ADVISOR Jose Diaz
  • ViSA (Visiting Student Ambassadors)

    Members of the VISA Team are student ambassadors that represent Faith Lutheran by serving prospective students on shadow days and at admissions events and by helping new to Faith Lutheran students during their first days at school.

    The 21-22 school year team is established, but students interested should contact Mrs. Choy.  Applications for the 22-23 school year will be released in April 2022.

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Choy
  • We The People HS

    The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Program promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nations secondary students. The culminating activity is a simulated congressional hearing in which students “testify” (while they test their knowledge and confidence) before a panel of volunteer attorneys, educators and civic leaders.

    Students are expected to compete at the Districts and if applicable at the State and National level.

    Developed by the Center for Civic Education, the primary goal of We the People is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's upper elementary and secondary students.

    In AP Gov’t Classes

    FACULTY ADVISOR: Mr. Josh Tonniges
  • We The People MS

    This page is under construction.  For information please contact Mrs. Carroll
  • Yearbook HS

    The Flame - the High School Yearbook
    Students involved in the Classes or Club put together the high school yearbook. Beginning staffers learn the basic skills involved in page creation, while advanced staffers may be involved in leadership opportunities (being editors or managers) and in more advanced planning and design.
    Yearbook club
    The club meets Thursdays in room 222 from 2:50-4:30, more often as needed. No experience is necessary. Students who join after September will be paired with another student, who will teach them how to do the work involved in creating a page. Photographers are always welcome and will be trained in how to submit photos.
    Yearbook classes
    We have several classes available. Students should sign up for the classes in January AND submit an application (forms will be available below beginning January 1) to Mrs. Elliott. Honors Yearbook III and Honors Yearbook IV are by application only.
    For scheduling purposes, all students will sign up for Yearbook 1 in January. Students will indicate which class they are signing up for on their applications.
    • CompSci -- YB:  Completion of this year-long class earns students a Computer Science credit! Students will learn practical, real-world computer skills that will help them in yearbook and in other classes.
    • Fine Arts -- YB: Completion of this year-long class earns students a Fine Arts credit! Students will learn the basics of good design and related art terms and put that knowledge into practice as they design yearbook pages and theme packages.
    • Honors Yearbook III and Honors Yearbook IV -- Students will specialize in an area that interests them -- examples are photography, writing, reporting, organization, or being an editor or business manager. The Honors portion of the credit will be gained by completing special projects (to be determined by the staffer and the Adviser). 
    All questions can be addressed to Mrs. Kristin Elliott, or stop by room 222
  • Yearbook MS

    This class offers opportunities for 7th and 8th grade students to participate in creating the middle school yearbook. The Middle School Yearbook class is designed for those students who are interested in bringing to life the everyday activities at Faith Lutheran. Students will learn the basics in effective yearbook publication and the skills necessary to create a school yearbook.  Skills varying from photography to writing, editing and publishing works will be practiced. 
    Students of this class are expected to take pictures, get involved with school activities, and participate in classroom lessons in order to gain the knowledge needed to create and publish the yearbook.  Interested students sign up for the class when selecting courses for the upcoming school year.
    Our purpose is to produce a student published yearbook of events and activities throughout the year at Faith Lutheran Middle School.
    The goal of our group is to complete all deadlines on time, ensuring the shipment of our yearbook by the end of the school year.
    Where? Room 329
    When:  In the 2020-21 academic year, this class meets M1, M2 & G1 blocks.
    FACULTY ADVISOR:  Mrs. Jodi Snodgrass