The Oder Family Flight Academy at Faith Lutheran

The Oder Family Flight Academy became reality because of a generous contribution to Faith Lutheran by J.D. and Melissa Oder and Katherine Oder, who wanted to honor the legacy of Katherine’s late husband and J.D.’s father, David Oder. In 1994, David founded Shift4, which grew to become the world’s largest independent payment gateway. He was considered a visionary and pioneer in the payments industry, and both his wife and children were highly involved in the success of Shift4 and have carried forth his entrepreneurial and forward-looking spirit.
That spirit for being on the leading edge inspired the Oders to capture the vision of what Faith could offer its students – an aviation program that provides both flight and aircraft maintenance training to prepare aspiring pilots and flight mechanics for a career in the airplane industry. Both J.D. and his parents have a love of aviation, and together wanted to use his knowledge and their combined resources to help bring this timely and important program into existence.
Faith Lutheran has partnered with 702-An Aviation Family to teach our Oder Flight Academy students. 702-An Aviation Family operates out of North Las Vegas Airport and – thanks to its fleet of airplanes, helicopters, maintenance facilities, and certified flight instructors and aircraft mechanics – has both the resources and experience to offer a well-rounded aviation education.


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  • Notes About Flying

    To actually become a certified private pilot, students need 40-50 hours of flight time under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor outside of the courses taught at Faith Lutheran.  Flight time routinely costs at least $200 per hour and is not a part of Faith's tuition nor is it organized by Faith Lutheran.  This flight time is not a requirement of Flight 1, Flight 2 or The Faith Lutheran Flight Academy.  If a family decides they want their student pursuing flight training, they will contract that time with the flight school of their choosing.  
  • Requirements for Entry

    • Signed up for or already taken Flight 1
    • Entrance into Flight 1 or Flight 2 approved by the Principal. Students with certain disciplinary patterns will not be allowed to take the Flight courses.
    • Students must possess a 2.5 unweighted GPA or above after their freshman year for consideration for the academy.

Academy Completion

  1. Completion with semester grades of  A, B, or Cs in Flight 1 and Flight 2

    • Flight 1 This course focuses in on the basic topics, fields and history of aviation. It also prepare students to take the FAA written and FAA oral (checkride) exams. Some preliminary work inside simulators will begin in this course. To be able to take the practical they will need to meet the flight requirements.

    • Flight 2 This course will cover aviation topics with greater depth and breadth. Students will prepare to meet flight requirements in order to take their Instrument Rating Practical Exam and other begin studying other complex topics. Simulators will be heavily used in this course.

  2. Students will need to demonstrate a commitment to progress in the field of aviation.  For most students this will mean taking flight lessons from a certified flight instructor of their choice.  Other students might find an internship, club, or job in another aviation industry field to show required progress.

  3. Continuous involvement in the Faith Lutheran Flight Club - this club will include field trips, outside speakers, and aviation specific service and activities.