Tuition & Financial Aid

The decision about your student’s education is among the most important a family can make. Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School is committed to excellence in Christian education while striving to keep the cost affordable for families in the Las Vegas community. We do this in a variety of ways including:
  1. Maintaining a competitive tuition rate compared to local private schools
  2. Offering a variety of payment plans and payment date options to families
  3. Making tuition assistance available to all qualified families through our financial aid program.  

We appreciate your interest in understanding the financial obligations related to a Faith Lutheran education before making the commitment to attend. Therefore, we have included information on the estimated cost of attendance, how to apply for financial aid, and other frequently asked questions on this web page. Additionally, our Financial Office is open year round to assist you and answer any further questions.

Announcement as of 3/27/2020

We are extending the deadline for filing financial aid applications for the 2020/2021 school year from April 1st to May 1st. While we recommend applications are completed as soon as possible, we hope this extension will allow more time for those who are experiencing on-going unexpected financial changes in their households.
  1. Notices for families who apply by April 1st and qualify for aid will go still go out by May 15th. Notices for families who apply between April 1st - May 1st will go out by June 15th
  2. We will still require 2019 tax returns to be attached to aid applications before distributing funds, however, if the application is completed by May 1st it will be considered "on time" and tax returns can be attached at a later date. 
  3.  If your 2020 income is expected to be different than what is shown on your 2019 tax return, please be sure to mark "yes" to the question on the application and enter a brief explanation so that any requested adjustments can be evaluated. 
UPDATE 7/10/20

Despite the fact that the priority deadline has passed, families are encouraged to apply for financial aid.  The initial allotment of funds have been distributed; however, as financial aid funds are donated, an approved family could still be given an award.  Please note awards are not guaranteed.

Financial Assistance

Faith Lutheran utilizes FACTS to manage financial aid applications.  Applications for financial aid are submitted annually online after January 1st for the following school year.  The application deadline is April 1st. Applications completed with required documentation after April 1st are subject to funds availability. Families that do not qualify will be notified by mail within 30 days of the completed application.  Applicants who qualify for assistance are notified by mail of the amount of financial assistance granted by May 15th. Volunteer hours are required for those who qualify for assistance. Financial aid is distributed according to the family’s chosen payment plan.  It is not granted in a lump sum. Financial aid is a separate application process and the failure to be awarded financial aid is NOT grounds for reimbursement of any fees. Financial Aid awards only cover the student’s tuition and cannot be used toward the enrollment and activity fee, textbooks, lunches, uniforms or other school expenses. For more information on FACTS and what it requires for your application, click here.

In addition to the Financial Aid program through Faith Lutheran, qualified families can apply for outside scholarships through the Nevada Choice Scholarship program.  This is a need-based program separate from Faith Lutheran and under the authority of the Nevada Department of Education. Please contact the Nevada Department of Education or specific scholarship granting organizations for more information about application procedures and deadlines.  You can download an informational flyer about the organizations offering Nevada Choice Scholarships by clicking the link on the left.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the 2020-2021 Year (Annual):  $13,150
Tuition for the 2020-2021 Year (Semester):  $6,575
Tuition for the 2020-2021 Year (Monthly):  $1,315

Payments are due July-April according to the family’s chosen payment plan (annual, semester, or monthly).  Tuition and fees are subject to change each year.

Textbooks and Uniform Fees 
Families are responsible for purchasing textbooks each year. Book fees vary and are typically dependant on the student’s grade level and individual class selection.  Uniforms can be purchased through The Shield located on campus and The Faith Lutheran Thrift Store.

Please refer to specific page for tuition and fees of the International Student Program or Mark 10:14 Program.

Resource program fees can be found in the Financial Policies document.  

Application and Testing Fee (non-refundable) : $50 due at time of application.

Registration and Activity Fee Deposit (non-refundable) : $1,000 due at enrollment, for detailed list of activity fee please see the Financial Policies above.

If the registration fee is not paid within 30 days/14 days of acceptance (as applicable), the student’s offer of admission will be rescinded and given to a student in the waiting pool.