Program Giving

Driven by the donor's passion, donations to these areas allow Faith students the opportunity to grow and develop into the next generation of community and industry leaders - in unique, experiential learning environments led by top-notch, specialized, and passionate faculty.

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  • Academies

    The Academies experience is designed for students to investigate and engage with real life industries and careers. Program highlights include career specific internships, resume and portfolio guidance, and mentorship and research opportunities. Students will participate in local and international competitions and can take specialized courses such as Molecular Genetics, Trial Advocacy, Screenwriting, and Honors Theology. Once program requirements are met, students receive an endorsement on the transcript/diploma and will receive a medallion for graduation.  Students are invited to apply during the 2nd semester of their 9th or 10th grade year. Scroll down to see more information about each unique academy! 

    The Wealth Consulting Group (WCG) Business & Entrepreneurship Academy is comprised of project-based courses and competitions that give students experience in real-world business situations. Students graduating from the WCG B&E Academy will possess knowledge and skills to excel as character-based leaders in the business world.

    The Christ Academy challenges students to grow in the Christian faith, further explore Biblical theology, and consider the vocations to which God has called them – perhaps even a career in full-time Christian ministry. Throughout the United States and the world, the need for strong Christian leaders has never been greater. Experiences and courses in the Christ Academy of Theology and Ministry equip students to consider the many ways they can fill that role in the Church.

    Faith Lutheran’s Film & Broadcasting Academy is handcrafted to train students as artistic leaders in filmmaking, broadcast, and digital journalism. Major universities are admitting only 6% of Film and Broadcast applicants. Students cannot be too prepared for one of the world’s most competitive markets. Students delve into the art and craft of visual storytelling, honing their skills in preparation for a career in this vibrant field.

    The Oder Flight Academy became a reality because of a generous contribution to Faith Lutheran by J.D. and Melissa Oder and Katherine Oder, who wanted to honor the legacy of Katherine’s late husband, J.D.’s father, David Oder. In 1994, David founded Shift4, which grew to became the world’s largest independent payment gateway. He was considered a visionary and pioneer in the payments industry, and both his wife and children were highly involved in the success of Shift4 and have carried forth his entrepreneurial and forward-looking spirit.
    That spirit for being on the leading edge inspired the Oders to capture the vision of what Faith could offer its students – an aviation program that provides both flight and aircraft maintenance training to prepare aspiring pilots and flight mechanics for a career in the airplane industry. Both J.D. and his parents have a love of aviation, and together wanted to use his knowledge and their combined resources to help bring this timely and important program into existence.

    In a non pandemic year, 42.2 million people visit Las Vegas each year – that’s roughly 807,000 people per week or 3.5 million each month. McCarran Airport is the 2nd busiest in the United States for origin and destination travel. People from all over the globe come because Las Vegas is a world leader in hospitality and tourism. Las Vegas understands food and beverage, Las Vegas understands entertainment, Las Vegas understands hotels, and Las Vegas understands conventions. Last year, visitors to Las Vegas spent 34.8 billion dollars. They aren’t just coming for gaming. More and more are coming to Las Vegas for non gaming attractions such as shopping, attractions, restaurants, concerts and shows, fights, hockey games, hiking, cycling, and museums. The Hospitality and Tourism Academy is designed to prepare students for further study and service as leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.

    The Justice & Advocacy Academy is designed to sharpen the skills of persuasion in students with a passion for justice and changing the world. The academy provides real life experiences to inspire and prepare our students for university programs in law, political science, and criminal justice. Careers in the fields of justice and advocacy include attorneys, judges, law enforcement and a variety of political, non-profit, and medical lobbyists. All of these careers require dedication, a passion for people, and the critical skills of persuasion.

    The U.S. will have over 1 million job openings in STEM-related fields by 2018; yet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, only 16% of U.S. bachelor’s degrees will specialize in STEM. Our economy and national security is depending on more STEM graduates. Professionals in STEM fields report both high earnings and high satisfaction in their careers. Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School is positioned both geographically and scholastically to be a leader in STEM education. Our mission is to IGNITE, EXCITE, and PREPARE our finest math, science, and technology students for STEM majors in our nation’s top universities.
  • Athletics

    Faith Lutheran’s General Athletics fund provides critical resources to our student-athletes enabling us to ensure they are positioned to realize their individual potential in competition, in the classroom, and in the community. To provide this level of support, significant resources are necessary, and we need your help! Your investment in our student-athletes not only contributes to a winning culture, but more importantly, enriches their personal development. When you give to Faith’s General Athletics fund, you are providing student-athletes with the means to have access to the best experience we can provide with state-of-the-art facilities, the best equipment, and top-notch coaches. Every gift is significant and makes a difference as we continue to provide successful Christian athletic experiences to enrich the education of our student-athletes.
  • Fine Arts

    Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts offers an opportunity for students to grow in their God-given talents while providing challenging opportunities to strengthen their skill sets so that all offerings may bring glory to Him. Students interested in participating in the Fine Arts will find that Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts is the exception to a traditional high school experience. 
    Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts is a 9th-12th grade program that offers guidance in scheduling, curriculum and advisory so that students may discover and cultivate their God-given talents in an uplifting environment. We offer majors in INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, VOCAL MUSIC, DANCE, VISUAL ARTS, THEATRE PERFORMANCE and TECHNICAL THEATRE. Our talented students compete and excel in regional, state and national competitions and are active members in the National Art Honors Society (NAHS), International Thespian Society (ITS) and Music Honor Society (Tri-M). Our numerous class offerings include Ballroom Dancing, Costume Design, Sculpture, Musical Theatre, Strings, Photography, etc.. Students also have performance opportunities in multiple bands, choirs, dance teams, concerts, plays, musicals and the end-of-the-year Conservatory Showcase.
    Our goal supports the school mission statement: EVERYONE PREPARED! EVERYONE SAVED! This reaffirms the arts as an expression of God’s love among all cultures of the world as we generate ART FOR HIS SAKE.
    With countless course variations and rewarding extra-curricular activities, students will discover structure, nurturing and guidance from an award-winning faculty and staff as they prepare for a post-high school career. 
    Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts fosters a supportive, formidable environment where students develop their talents and have a platform for presentation and performance in preparation for admission to the finest collegiate institutions. 
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  • Library

    The mission of the library media program at Faith Lutheran is to provide students and teachers the skills and support they need to successfully use the library as a resource center. Collaboration between the Library Media Specialist and teachers will be an integral part of creating a curriculum-based learning environment. We are here to foster, encourage and support students in becoming life-long readers and learners! Click here to learn more about Faith’s Library Media Program.

  • Mark 10:14

    MARK 10:14 PROGRAM
    Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.  Mark 10:14
    To provide an excellent education for middle and high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in an inclusive Christian setting.
    Our Program:
    • Provides extensive opportunities for students who have special needs to participate in general education classes and campus activities.
    • Ensures a high level of exposure to the general education curriculum.
    • Provides intensive, individualized instruction using research-based methodologies to maximize students' academic progress.
    • Encourages and fosters relationships between non-disabled students and students with disabilities.
    • Instructs and models Christian principles.
    • Welcomes students of all faiths.

    Our Students:
    Mark 10:14 students participate in a full schedule of general education classes alongside their typical peers, giving them daily opportunities to learn and practice age appropriate skills and social behaviors. They receive a high level of support to ensure their success in this inclusive setting. Students access the general education curriculum to the best of their abilities, often using materials that have been created specifically for them. They participate in classroom discussions, labs, skits, and group activities with other students. When portions of the lesson are 'beyond their reach', students come to the Mark 10:14 room for one-on-one instruction in reading, writing and math skills. 

    Mark 10:14 Program students are active participants in all aspects of life at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School. They have participated in football, basketball, wrestling and track teams as well as choir and band.  Mark 10:14 students have been involved in computer club and art club, and have participated in LipSync, Crusader Competitions, Talent Shows and Middle School Service Projects. Two of our students have had roles in Middle School drama productions. See our student photo album to glimpse the joy Mark 10:14 students bring to their participation in all these activities!
    Mentor Program:
    The Mark 10:14 Mentor Program trains high school students to assist students with special needs in their general education classrooms and in the Mark 10:14 classroom. Our mentors have exceeded our expectations in every way. They provide capable and insightful assistance, and serve as ambassadors, allies and role models for the Mark 10:14 students. While performing an invaluable service, the mentors themselves grow and learn from the experience. 
    The Mentor Program is a full year elective open to students in grades 9-12. A 'pass' or 'fail' grade is received for this class. Applications are accepted each Spring for the following school year. 

    "Being a mentor has given me so much more respect for people who go through obstacles in life. Watching the Mark 10:14 kids live & love their lives has made me so appreciative of life...(It) has given me the skills to help people who have intellectual disabilities...I have also learned patience from being a mentor."
    Jenna - Mark 10:14 Mentor

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  • Missions

    Your life is a gift. You have been created and uniquely gifted to serve others in Jesus’ name. You are not only a blessing to Faith Lutheran, but you were chosen to be a blessing to all throughout your journey. Faith Lutheran is passionate about encouraging students to serve others and make an impact for Christ. Our prayer is that you would see Jesus and come to know Him in the most personal way as you serve on the mission field through short-term missions. 
  • Resource Program

    The Student Resource Program is designed to serve the needs of our diverse student body. The Resource Program offers academic support services to students with diagnosed learning disabilities and those who have a documented need for educational support. The Student Resource Coordinator serves as an advocate for students and their parents, as well as resource for the Faith Lutheran faculty and staff. Accommodations are designed for each student in the program through the development of a 504 Plan. It is our goal to have students become self-advocating, independent learners. Click here to learn more about this program.
  • Tuition Assistance


    As the number of families who desire a superior Christian education for their children at Faith Lutheran increases, the demand for financial aid has dramatically increased. This year, 1 in 5 students rely on need-based financial aid. When you give a gift to Faith Lutheran's Tuition Assistance Program, either to the Immediate Tuition Assistance Fund or to the Scholarship Endowment Fund, you are helping to provide the assurance that any family that desires life-shaping Christian education will have that opportunity here! Thank you for considering a gift to these important funds and for supporting these students who become problem solvers and leaders who are joyful, selfless, encouraging, responsible and generous as they give back with their time, talent and treasure!


    Thank you for considering a donation to Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School's Immediate Tuition Assistance fund! You are the reason 1 in 5 of our students get to attend Faith Lutheran. These students become problem solvers and leaders who are joyful, selfless, encouraging, responsible, and generous as they give back with their time, talent and treasure. Thank you for considering a gift to these important funds, which help provide tuition assistance to families in immediate need of aid this year!

    Give now!


    Each year we rely on your generous support, along with the gifts of many others, to help us carry out our work. Endowment funds not only make a lasting impact at Faith Lutheran, they also offer the opportunity to honor your family name or pay tribute to a loved one. You can establish an endowment with a contribution of cash, securities, real estate or a planned gift. Through various endowments, donors honor family members, faculty, and the School, while ensuring Faith Lutheran’s financial security for the future. Endowed funds may be created for scholarships, financial aid, academic chairs, capital improvements, or other educational purposes at Faith Lutheran. We gratefully acknowledge our endowment donors.

    How It Works
    When you make an endowed gift, your contribution is invested with and becomes part of our endowment. An annual distribution is made for the purpose you designate. Because the principal remains intact the fund will generate support in perpetuity.
    Did you know?
    You can set up an honorary endowment in your will so that your name, or the name of someone special, can live on forever. Endowments provide a consistent flow of support to students and allow the school to plan into the future. Gifts of any size may be added later to enlarge the endowment over time. 
  • Williams Research Greenhouse

    Welcome to The Williams Research Greenhouse, a state-of-the-art, 3,200 square foot, soil and soil-less crop facility designed for 6-12 grade use. Conceived by students and modeled after facilities at UC Davis and the University of Arizona, Tucson, our students’ contagious vision inspired a place where they can develop, grow, problem solve and share projects with each other and the community. Produce is donated to Catholic Charities, sold in the school office and at special events throughout the year. 1005 of sales benefit our Special Education Mark 10:14 Program. Click here to learn more about The Williams Research Greenhouse.