Faith Lutheran is accredited by AdvancED and through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. We have earned the distinction of "Exemplary School Status" through the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. Faith is operated as an exempt school under the provision of NRS 394.211 and as such is exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Authorization Act. Faith Lutheran offers a demanding curriculum designed to prepare students for success at the college level. Honors level courses challenge students who wish to pursue the most demanding academic load. In high school, Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit or have introductory courses waived at the university level. In recent years, 98% of our high school graduates enrolled in college and alum can be found at the nation’s finest colleges and universities.

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It is the desire of the Faith Lutheran guidance department that the middle and high school experience is a positive one. To assist in that success, our counselors work closely with students and parents to help develop positive academic, social, and spiritual growth throughout the high school years. We offer academic counseling (including course registration), monitoring & assistance, parent and student resources, career advisement, standardized testing and analysis, college application and financial aid assistance and help with social and personal issues.

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Dan Buikema

    Dan Buikema 

    High School Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Courtney Burns

    Courtney Burns 

    Middle School Director of Guidance and 7th and 8th grade Counselor
  • Photo of John Chilman

    John Chilman   

    High School Head Counselor
  • Photo of Karl Knorr

    Karl Knorr 

    6th Grade Counselor
  • Photo of Lynn Ann Lescenski

    Lynn Ann Lescenski 

    Academic Counselor
  • Photo of Elaynne Washington

    Elaynne Washington 

    High School Family Counselor


The Student Resource Program is designed to serve the needs of our diverse student body. The Resource Program offers academic support services to students with diagnosed learning disabilities and those who have a documented need for educational support. The Student Resource Coordinator serves as an advocate for students and their parents, as well as a resource for the Faith Lutheran faculty and staff.
Students applying for the Resource Program must meet the same admissions standards as all other incoming students. Consideration for enrollment in the Resource program requires a recent (within the past 3 years) neuropsychological evaluation or current IEP or 504 plan. There is a per-semester fee for students enrolled in Resource. 

Enrollment in the Resource Program is limited, but does offer students, who choose to apply themselves, an opportunity for a Christian education while providing them with individual academic support. Our Student Resource Coordinator, in consultation with the school administration, will determine student’s eligibility for the program. Class size limitations may mean that not all applicants will be admitted.
Accommodations are designed for each student in the program through the development of a 504 Plan. It is our goal to have students become self-advocating, independent learners.
“We were born to succeed, not to fail.”
- Henry David Thoreau


List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith 

    Director of Academic Support
  • Photo of Heidi Dalbec

    Heidi Dalbec 

    MS Resource Director
  • Photo of Anna McDaniel

    Anna McDaniel 

    Resource Teacher / Academic Support Center
  • Photo of Anna Orr

    Anna Orr 

    Resource Aide
  • Photo of Michelle Moore

    Michelle Moore 

    Teachers Assistant