Crusade for Excellence

Annual Fund

Although tuition dollars cover basic education costs at Faith Lutheran, additional funding is needed to minimize tuition increases and expand Faith’s outstanding learning environment.  Contributions that are not designated for a specific purpose are of primary importance because we are able to channel resources where the needs are greatest. In order to keep tuition increases to a minimum, we appeal to our entire community of parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to support the Crusade for Excellence (CfE) Annual Fund.  Your gift to the CfE will help: 
  • Develop new academic programs
  • Enhance existing educational opportunities
  • Provide professional development opportunities for our teachers
  • Secure new technology
  • And much more!                            
Your generous donation is an investment in our students and will make a huge difference in their future ­– both in life and in eternity!
When you contribute to the Crusade for Excellence, you help build an annual fund committed to the success of Faith Lutheran and our students.  In gratitude for your support, Faith Lutheran provides benefits and privileges as described below:

Up to $2,499:  Tax deduction and satisfaction of supporting Faith’s students.
$2,500+: The above, plus your name (and message if you desire) on a banner on campus.

$5,000+:  All of the above, plus designated reserved parking spot for family use (M-F 6am to 3:30pm for the school year).
$10,000+:  All of the above, with two (2) tickets to Faith’s Scholarship Endowment Benefit (Crusader Knight 2021) & “Dinner with The Doctor” – dinner with Dr. Buuck.

Join the Crusade now! For more information, contact Jacquelyn Trumbull via email or at 702.804.4410.

Build Faith

Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School is blessed with outstanding facilities in a wonderful location. We are committed to ensuring that our classrooms and outdoor areas continue to be as safe and modern as possible to support student’s learning. There are many demands and priorities for the school building and grounds and the more contributions we receive, the more we can do to enhance the school facilities for students.
Giving to the BUILD FAITH Fund helps us provide our bright and curious students with an exceptional education. As an independent Lutheran school, Faith Lutheran relies on tuition dollars and the generosity of the community to fulfill our mission. Build Faith impacts all aspects of the school, enabling us to maintain small class sizes, hire the best faculty and provide the kinds of meaningful co-curricular activities that benefit students both today and in their future lives.

What have we achieved in the past 5 years?
Created a building with 10 additional classrooms to meet the growing demand for student enrollment. Included permanent homes for our WCG Academy of Business & Entrepreneurship and our Film & Broadcast Academy. State of the art equipment was purchased to produce high quality work.
Vacation of Homestretch Drive was officially recorded in 2018.
Decorative landscaping and fencing was added to keep our campus exterior uniform.
A new office building built in 2020.
The Oder Flight Academy and Classroom 
Christ Academy launched and has grown!
Peccole - Shuirman Tennis Complex containing 10 tennis courts.
Upgrades for the state of the art McDonald Weight Room
Upgraded The Dana and Anne White Football stadium with permanent bathrooms, storage, concession stand, fencing and additional seating.
Re-turfed Baseball fields and added lockers for all players
Thank you for continued donations and support in helping us complete these essential works.

Naming Opportunities

Please contact Jacquelyn Trumbull, Director of Advancement if interested in a naming gift via email or at 702-804-4410.

Major Facilities

List of 4 items.

  • CCC Gymnasium Student Section

    The stands at the North end of the CCC court will be reserved for students, bands, pep squads and other student boosters to provide spirit for all athletic competitions from this section. Approved and appropriate visual acknowledgement will be prominently displayed.

  • Original Gymnasium Exterior

    Approved signage will be prominently displayed on the South end of the existing gymnasium (facing the administration building/amphitheatre). The facility will be called the {Name} Center for Excellence.
  • Original Gymnasium Floor

    A donor may have an appropriate and approved name displayed on the court.
  • Soccer Field

    Approved signage will be placed on the scoreboard on the soccer field.


Christ Academy $200,000
Film & Broadcast Academy $200,000
Hospitality & Tourism Academy $200,000
Justice & Advocacy Academy $200,000
STEM Academy $200,000


New Biology Classroom $50,000
Science Labs 5 @ $50,000 each
Computer Labs 3 @ $50,000 each
Science Rooms 2 @ $50,000 each
Art Rooms 2 @ $50,000 each
Band Room $50,000
Orchestra Room $50,000
Dance Room $50,000
Consumer Science Room $50,000
Resource Room $50,000
Classrooms 28 @ $25,000 each

Donor Recognition Wall

List of 1 items.

  • Donor Recognition Wall

    An attractive and tasteful display giving appropriate recognition at various giving levels will be designed and placed in a highly visible area.
    $1,000 and above


List of 6 items.

  • Chairs in front of the bar

    The Judge's chair, chairs at the Counsel Tables, Witness chair and Juror chairs will have appropriate plaques.

    14 @ $1,500 each
  • Chairs in the audience

    A plaque will be placed on the movable chairs that will be used in the audience portion of the courtroom.

    $1,000 each
  • Counsel Table

    A plaque will be placed on the top of the Counsel Table.

    2 @ $5,000 each
  • Judge's Bench

    Naming the Judge's Bench within the courtroom with an appropriate and attractive plaque.
  • Jury Box

    A plaque will be placed on the Jury Box for sponsorship recognition.

  • Witness Stand

    The naming of the Witness Stand will be recognized with an appropriate plaque.