With more than 2,100 students enrolled and more than 500 students on our waiting list, Faith Lutheran has become the private school of choice in Las Vegas. Our mission “Everyone Prepared! Everyone Saved!” encourages us to meet the growing demand for a Faith Lutheran education. By all metrics, jobs in STEM fields are expected to steadily increase in the coming years. Now is the time for our school to act boldly. We don’t choose to continue to strive to achieve our mission because it is easy but rather because it is hard. Since this goal helps us achieve our mission and pursue our vision of being world premiere, we are willing to accept this challenge. Therefore, we ask God’s blessings on the most ambitious project our school has undertaken in its proud and daring 45-year history.
The Crusader Technology Center is a nearly 100,000 square feet, two-story classroom building for science, technology, engineering, math, esports, and auto shop. Designed to be LEED certified, this building will allow us to grow enrollment while providing first-class facilities in which our students will learn and grow in STEM fields that continue to see remarkable demand and growth worldwide. We continue to build spaces and places where adults and students can do their best work.
Courageous and faithful men and women have given generously in our history to help build the beautiful campus we enjoy today. Many of these donors did not have children who enjoyed the fruits of their contributions but gave sacrificially so thousands of others could benefit from their amazing generosity. Our involvement together in this Build Faith: Inspired to Innovate campaign will touch the lives of every Faith Lutheran student for decades to come as all students will take classes during their academic careers in the Crusader Technology Center. This is an exciting time in our school’s history, and together we will build a brighter future for all.
May God bless you and may God bless Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School.