Greenhouse Fund

Greenhouse Fund Faith Lutheran students have designed a research greenhouse meant to serve our students and the hungry in the Las Vegas Valley.  The project includes two side-by-side growth rooms, both with their own autonomous temperature, water, and lighting controls, resulting in two different growing chambers.  These environmental controls allow plants to thrive throughout the entire year, increasing both student research opportunities and our ability to consistently provide fresh produce to 3-Square Food Bank.  Our Students will employ hydroponics, aquaponics, and soil growing techniques in an attempt to conserve water and maximize production.  Our Mark 10:14 students will work alongside mentors to experience the joy of productive, hands-on activities while gaining valuable work training. The students in this very unique and special program will also benefit from the sale of flowers and produce in yearly "farm sales."  The entire project, including 3168 square feet of growing space, additional storage, automated controls, and growing technology will be used by both middle school and high school students and courses.  The total cost is approximately $300,000.

In appreciation of the many people who, by their generous gifts, are helping to make the Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School's Greenhouse a reality, walkway pavers are now available.

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