Williams Research Greenhouse

Welcome to The Williams Research Greenhouse, a state-of-the-art, 3,200 square foot, soil and soil-less crop facility designed for 6-12 grade use. Here, students develop, build, grow, problem solve and share projects with each other and the community. Our produce is donated to Catholic Charities, and is also sold in the school office and at special events throughout the year. 100% of sales benefit our Special Education Mark 10:14 Program.

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  • Produce

    Year-Round in Front Office:
    Herbs, Succulents and Produce
    Back-to-School Night Sale:
    Herbs, Kale, Tomatoes and Peppers
    Spring Sale:
    Herbs, Succulents, Flowers, Tomatoes and Peppers

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  • Student Involvement

    6th Grade Life Science
    9th Grade Biology
    Mark 10:14 Program
    Foods Class
    High School Greenhouse Botany
    High School STEM Research Class
    Middle School & High School Green Thumb Club
  • Growing Methods

    Raft Systems
    Bato Bucket Systems
    Tomato Lower & Lean System
    Tower Gardens
    Kratky Method
    Aquaponics System 

Student Projects

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  • Student Projects

    Check back regularly for updates on student research and projects.

Greenhouse Partners