WCG Academy of Business & Entrepreneurship

The B&E Academy is comprised of project-based courses and competitions that give students experience in real-world business situations. Students graduating from the B&E Academy will possess knowledge and skills to excel as character-based leaders in the business world.

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    The Academy’s courses are heavily involved in DECA’s state, national, and international business competitions. Students have the opportunity to write a business plan for professional review, participate in MicroBank, found their own business, or work under the tutelage of a local business leader gaining an understanding of the industry and competitive environment of that enterprise. A final project will assess a specific business need of the firm followed by formulating and defending proposed solutions.

    B&E requirements include the specialized courses Persuasion and Argument, Foundations of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Students will learn the foundations of Personal Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics, and add cutting edge principles to their leadership style. The B&E program includes field trips, guest speakers from the most creative and brilliant minds in Las Vegas, and support for students’ own small businesses.

    Faith Lutheran High School offers a B&E Endorsement that is added to a student’s transcript upon completion offering them a competitive advantage
    over traditional college freshmen. This B&E Endorsement will announce to universities that the student is proficient in what it takes to create, develop, and manage a successful business in today’s economy.

B&E News

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  • DECA and MicroBank start their 2016-2017 Season

  • First Place Finishes at the State DECA Competition

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  • FLHS to build specialized B&E Academy classroom for 17-18 school year.

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Requirements & Coursework

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  • Grade Level and GPA

    Invitations will be sent out in January for freshmen and sophomores to apply who earn an 80% or higher in the Foundations of Business class for first semester.
  • Required Courses

    B&E students must earn an 80% or higher in all required courses:
    • Foundations of Business, Persuasion & Argument, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership
    • Choice of Business & Leadership - Honors or AP Economics

  • Collaborative Experience

    Students have three options to complete their collaborative experience. In the Business and Leadership - Honors year of coursework, first semester will consist of writing a realistic business plan for professional review or taking a college level business course through Concordia Wisconsin. Second semester requires students to complete a culminating leadership project and presentation. Students may also complete an approved 90+ hour internship or entrepreneurial experience running their own small business.


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Middle School DECA Competition | April
Middle School Microbank | Coming Soon!
Courses include Speech and Computers