Graduation Requirements

Minimum Faith Lutheran High School College Preparatory Graduation Requirements
English - 4 years
       English I or Honors 
       American Literature or Honors
       British Literature or Honors 
       Composition – Persuasion and Argument
       Mythology/Science Fiction
       English 12
       AP Lit and Comp
       AP Lang and Comp
Religion (One credit per year enrolled) - 1 – 4 years
Social Science - 3 years
World History or Ancient History Honors/AP World History
       US History or AP US History
       US Government or AP US Government
Science – 3 years
       Biology or Honors
       Chemistry or Honors
       Greenhouse Botany
       Anatomy & Physiology or Honors
       Marine and Desert Biology
       AP Biology
       AP Chemistry
       AP Environmental Science
       Physics Honors or AP Physics
       Molecular Genetics Honors
Mathematics – 4 years
       Algebra I
       Geometry or Honors
       Algebra II or Honors
       Pre-Calculus or Honors
       College Algebra
       Mathematical Analysis of Sports
       AP Statistics
       AP Calculus AB
       AP Calculus BC
Foreign Language (same language) – 2 years
Physical Education – 2 years
Health Education (online) - 0.5 year
Computer Science – 1 year
Fine Arts (Theatre, Art, Music, Dance) – 1 year
Other Electives - 5.5 years
TOTAL - 30